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And This Is What The Joker Would Look Like If He Were A Creepy Baby Doll

Joker Baby Doll

Hey, remember how Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight was really creepy and unnerving? Yeah, well, now it’s a baby. Ha! Now try to get to sleep!

We’re just layering creepy on top of creepy at this point because we’ve gotten tired of the old clichés of creepiness. We all hate the vapid, cold stares of porcelain baby dolls, and we all think clowns are scary, so, hey, why not combine the vaguely murderous visage of a dead-eyed baby doll with the clothing and makeup of the most terrifying clown from recent pop culture memory?

And, on top of all that, let’s make it 1:6 scale. 1:6 scale as compared to what, you ask? It’s 1:6 the creepiness you would feel if this thing were life sized, posed innocuously in the corner of your bed room, in that one spot where the little bit of light that cuts through your window blinds splashes across the doll’s eyes at 3:30 AM.

So, imagine all that, just 1:6 of it. And with guns.

This is a thing you can/will be able to purchase and have in your home, presumably to ward off evil spirits by making them think your home is already haunted and they should just move on to the next house. Like those fake owls on gas station roofs but for evil.

The baby Joker comes with many accessories and can be displayed in a number of positions.

You can have your baby peeling off its creepy mask only to revel an even greater horror beneath. With guns.

Joker Baby Doll

Or you can have your Joker baby look like a child model from the annual Macy’s-Guns and Ammo crossover issue.

Joker Baby Doll

Or you can strip your Joker baby down to his Huggies and make him look like a dapper gentleman that had one-too-many cocktails at the office Christmas party. Or, you can put the Joker face on him and make him seem like a dapper murderous sociopath that feels pants restrict his whip-fast stabbing motions.

Joker Baby Doll

The slogan for the Joker dolls is “Take Happiness Home”, which is stamped on to every picture with an unsettling font reminiscent of the posters for the Halloween film series. I can only assume that the suggestion to take happiness home is more of an ominous and vaughly threatening demand than a kindhearted suggestion.

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