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Anderson Cooper Giggles Like…


The internet’s bowels are compacted with videos of news anchors cracking up while reporting a silly news story, or, in some rare cases, cracking up while reporting a deathly serious news story. We all love those moments, as they show the anchors as the human beings they are. It’s always funny to watch really serious people laugh at the mention of the word doody, or in the case of Anderson Cooper’s crackup from last night’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360, at the utterance of a pun that does impossible: combine a fancy French name with a numerical euphemism for taking a dump.

There are many things that make the video great, from the fact that it’s Anderson Cooper laughing, to the fact that Anderson Cooper makes a series of pee and poop puns for nearly two minutes. But the truly priceless moment comes when Anderson can no longer handle the silliness of the pun overload he’s hurling at you and he cracks as a result. What follows is about a solid minute of Anderson Cooper laughing like…well…play the video below and listen to the audio while continuing to scroll down the page to discover the multitude of things that Anderson Cooper laughs like.




Howler Monkey

Japanese School Girls


Marlan Wayans

Straight Jacket

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