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Angel “Lola” Luv

Age: 21

Where you’ve seen her: Since her measurements come in at 34C-22-40 Angel “Lola” Luv (aka Angel Malaku) has not been on the cover of Vogue or Cosmo. But, she has been on the cover of King, BlackMen, XXL and Smooth magazines. If Sir Mix A Lot was still alive, he’d be very proud. (He’s dead, right?)

Pointless quote: “From now until a couple years, I’m aiming to be in a few major movie roles. After that basically I want to take this entertainment business and run with it.”

20 Responses to "Angel “Lola” Luv"

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeaaa , i seen somee pics of her beforr plastic surgeryy ! its a shamee she hadd to payy to lookk good LMFAO .

  2. huge ass. nice body

  3. Hotter then Megan Fox IMHO.

    “From now until a couple years, I’m aiming to be in a few major movie roles. After that basically I want to take this entertainment business and run with it.”

    lol yeah right. She’s not going far I can tell you that, the only major movie role she’s going to get is Jamican Me Horny 5 or something like that. Models seem to think that they can just take a quick jump over on to Hollywood lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    “i know her”

    shut the hell up dude

  5. Anonymous says:

    One question how do you know? None of you know, also you know she is Ethiopian (they have huge asses).

  6. DRE. says:

    hey play heaters don’t be fronten because she won;t give it to you i bet if she dropped her panties you would’nt call her fake then. i know her. and she a sexy straight up. lady that you would love to be around. it really hurts me when boys. call real women fake. but. speak good about the fake ass ones.its nothing fake about her personality. she a beautiful angel. that to be positive.

  7. Johanna says:

    With or without breasts implants or whatever implants she have, I still like her. Don`t tell me you wouldn’t wish to have her for your own. Oh common, like it matter what the girl is doing to became as deadly as this girl is… Is it better to be not using any make up and look like a crap? I doubt.. Go download some online games if you don`t like girls

  8. COCAINE says:


  9. shavonzail says:

    I think she is pretty girl, so wwhat if she had to a little enhancement. Women are like that we wnat to look good, as horrible as it sounds, we wnat to have the perfect shape and sometimes because of genetics you may have to have somethings worked on. She looks good it’s not overboard. Go Girl work it and I also like the fact sha ain’t no hoe, you haven’t gheard about her fucking nobody, only hting I have heard is that she ain’t given it up and it must be cause she gay, she ain’t got to gay to not want to fuck ythe industry that is full of homosexuals, bisexuals, and just out right hoes. Aids is to bad and I don’t blame her for protecting her temple.

  10. Athol Kelly says:

    If ever I came face to face with this chic and she was naked, they would have to arrest her for murder; I’d screw myself to death.

  11. Pratik says:

    I need to show these pics to my roommate before she goes out to the club on Friday and tell her “you’re doing it wrong.”

  12. cunty cuntall says:

    I’ve just liberated some sperm onto my keyboard over this chick….Pass the tissues please Mom !!!

  13. damann says:

    I have a camera. Lets make movies, and you can run with it

  14. Ariana says:

    I have been trying to get a body just like you. Do you have any tips for me if so please send me an e-mail

  15. yomama says:

    sir-mix-a-lot is still alive and riding the Baby got Back train of royalty checks.

  16. bloc debiose(chicago) says:

    You already know how good u look and how any man want you, i just
    want you to ride around with me so when i get pulled over you step out
    and ask the officer what’s the problem he says nothing and we keep it moving….
    you are a boss bitch right

  17. lowkay says:

    I just heard this girls music. OMG! with those looks her swag and flow this girl is gonna huge! Well, i would hope so anyway. The game needs somethng like her in that place. Does anyone know where i can hear more of her music. I have been searchen thru the internet.

  18. chizzle says:

    Yeah, I heard it too. Its been all over the internet. She seems to have a whole lotta potential to be the next Kim. I always loved foxy more but Lola has a image that would sell like crazy n that’s always been Kim up till she fucked her face up. I never thought I could ever say anything close to dat bout Lola but I can’t even front. She has that IT thing.

  19. Anonymous says:

    she is fake. she has breast implants and butt implants and ofcourse those are contacts. If you do some research, you’d see that before she met 50 cent she had a nice shape, but now he paid for her to get moore booty and boobs. She’s made of more plastic than a barbie.