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Animals Failing – A Gallery

If you’re like us, you’re just a little tired of animals walking around all day thinking they’re better than you. So, to bring them down a notch, here’s a gallery of animals failing. Enjoy.


28 Responses to "Animals Failing – A Gallery"

  1. Poopiestick says:

    Hahaha… Those little guidos in blackface! I didn’t think they had minstrel shows anymore.

  2. dusty colorada says:

    loved the toy car stuck on the cow and the fins on the horsey.

  3. Moose says:

    Scubahorse is awesome.

  4. prison mike says:

    stfu anus

  5. Lance says:

    I don’t get what’s up with Guidos but White Kids trying to be Guidos? What else don’t they have nothing better to do at? At least wait for the spray on to dry before clubbing. Dumbasses.

  6. dinogoposaur says:

    it’s funny ’cause it’s true

  7. Anonymouseeeee says:

    The 2 guys in the top right corner look like theyre gonna kiss.

  8. Pedo Cop says:

    philosopher, I have surveillance footage of you dry humping outside the local kindergarten.

    I can also attest that you have no penis from other footage I have attained at http://www.iamtherealphilosopher.com.

    The only woman I have seen you with is your mother. This footage showed you fisting her while she was fisting you.

    I would suggest you just come clean and admit that you are also the Philosophopher, Feelosopher, philosophers, Phillopsopher Phi1osopher, GrahaemGay, Rock Spider, iluvsexwithdad, boyzrus, wristcutter and cunt.

    Your time is limited

  9. Philosophopher says:

    Can I still wipe poo on my face in jail?

  10. Pedo Cop says:

    I did shit-mask-heads. The girls are testifying.

  11. Philosophopher says:

    Who the fuck got a picture of me and philosopher?

  12. Pierrre says:

    I suspect the parents took the picture and are the same douchebags as their kids.

  13. philosopher says:

    you dont know the half of it, pedo cop

    my guise of wisdom in philosophy allows far more perverted endeavors that which you accuse me of.

  14. Mr. E Twomee says:

    the last pics are seriously not funny. Where are the parents? That is abuse to let assholes that look like that out in public.

  15. philosophers says:

    I am a fag

    -The Orignal philosopher

  16. Claynoidial says:

    and i eat my own farts

  17. Claynoidial says:

    The first picture is more like Animal winning cause he has a huge cock

  18. philosophers says:

    no failing because he has a LIMP cock…die fag

    - the original philosopher

  19. Claynoidial says:

    Jesus christ how fucking stupid are you? It takes a complete fuckhead to not realize that. but even more of one to not get where im coming from. fuck you, you shit eating butt fucking cunt. i really think you are a new species of dumbass.

  20. Anonymousss says:

    Do not feed the troll. He bites.

  21. BoredatworK says:

    Guido Fail

  22. Shizzire says:

    I see nipples!

  23. Jenius says:

    Couple of true ballers, thats for sure

  24. TG says:

    Fail, more like oompa-loompa win.

  25. philosophers says:

    I am a philosopher

    -The Original fag

  26. jelly roll says:

    cow rape is funny

  27. Feelosopher says:

    only when I’m on the receiving end. booyaa!

    aka – philosopher

  28. Anonymouse says:

    That elephant one would be perfect for proctober fest ’09

    “This october get your prostate checked out”


    “Hopefully your doctor wont use his nose”