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Animals Pwning People – A Gallery

Animals are alot like auto mechanics: if you don’t pay close attention to them, they’ll f*ck you over big time. And while it may suck when it’s you being targeted, it’s pretty funny when it’s not.




39 Responses to "Animals Pwning People – A Gallery"

  1. carolanne says:

    some of them photographers…talk about pushing the button at exactly the right time! I agree Steph..the horn..under the skin..outrageous!

  2. lx says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you.

  3. BamMan says:

    That matador getting owned is so fucking awesome. You can tell that he grew up with massive self-esteem issues so one day he was like “Fuck man, I have a tiny penis and erectile-disfunction which is actually irrelevant because no member of the opposite sex will come even close to agreeing to touch my penis. So I’m gonna take out my anger over the fact that my daddy fingered my anus when I was growing up on this defenseless animal. OH SHIT LOOKS LIKE IT WASN’T SO DEFENSELESS AFTER ALL!!!”

  4. Handbanana says:

    What is that walrus doing in the polar bear cage?

  5. Charles says:

    when did holy taco turn into rotton.com?

  6. E says:

    The Roy Horn pic with his tiger was not that funny. It was actually kind of insensitive. Including that pic was going too far, I think.
    But the rest of the picture were great :) There were actually a few that I hadn’t seen before, which is always nice. And the bull one with the horn going through the guys knee? OMFG, that one was gross!

  7. Fish says:

    Go bulls

  8. Bosco says:

    What the fuck is “Pwning” anyways?

  9. Tishy says:

    I like that everyone is commenting on the matador one, but did anyone notice the alligator with some dude’s arm in his mouth?! I think that’s a lot more outrageous.

  10. Samantha says:

    ugh I hate seagulls..once i was at wendys sittin at an outside table wit mi friend and a seagull swooped down and stole his burger

  11. Laffo. says:

    No Photoshop. It’s from a Reptile Show in Thailand. Do a search there’s footage of it happening. Turd.

  12. saywhat says:

    Every time I see a bull f**k someone up, it makes my day. Literally. I wish they had more opportunities to do so, heartless bastards.

  13. The hell is wrong with you says:

    HOLY CRAP! That guy got a fatal wound and you’re happy? I mean, I’m not for that stuff either, but for chrissake. I mean, the runner wasn’t gonna die, nor the goat…
    But that pomadeur…
    There’s a better way to learn. Learn to value a human life and animal life equally.

  14. You People Amuse Me says:

    Firstly HANDBANANA- SPOT on! Well played friend. Second- I dont think guy-who-asks-what-pwn-means was maybe serious. Maybe he was being sarcastic or clever though only in his own mind.

    Enough with the matador crap. Yes we know, its gross and gorey and they do or dont get what they deserve. yes yes yes no surprise. dont turn this into a forum on animal rights. We know its wrong hah.

    NEEDNT ANYONE mention the croc/gator ? That shit must be photoshopped.. look at the damn grin on his face! Jeez.. if thats real I dont wanna be imaginary.

  15. George T says:

    If by “outrageous” you mean “photoshopped.”

  16. edwordrules says:


    I love when animals act like…animals.

    It goes to show how stupid, and retarded, people can be.

    DA BEARS!!

    Yes, the polar bear one is real.

  17. Mike Hunt says:

    Holy shit, is that Polar Bear one real?????????

  18. John McCain says:

    yea its real…i saw the video on one of those “when animals attack” videos

  19. lamb says:

    First may I say Welcome to the Internets! Pwned came from a common misspelling of owned, now it is it’s own word.”I so pwned that noob!” is a good example, mostly used by those who are either a) a douche b) trying to be ironic c) Gamers.

  20. ballsonjesus says:

    the matador’s name is israel lancho. that happened on may 28, 2009, and the dude somehow survived! you can find the video if you google search his name. fucking crazy.

  21. uuuuuuuuu says:

    this was so fucking lame i think i’m dying

  22. Gabe says:

    lol yeah that matador got fucked up!

  23. Dr Freud says:

    Accoprding to my studies, anybody acting superior because he knows more nerd language needs to have his testicles removed so that he does not procreate, ja?

  24. Name the Garels says:

    Know what’s funnier than animals owning people? How about “Animals Say the Darndest Things”: http://www.namethegarels.com/?p=2543

  25. Animals Suck says:

    fuck you animal lover guy. I hope a bull rapes you.

  26. oh snap says:

    i just hope it wasnt real..

  27. Jim says:


  28. Anonymouse says:


  29. Shut up it's none of your business says:

    The ones that did not involve bulls were all funny – but I am against harassing/hurting animals for fun. Should be illegal.

  30. Steph says:

    Jesus fuck. The horn. Under the skin.

  31. does it really matter says:

    The ones with the bulls,,,they all got what they deserved!

  32. Good says:

    Why not?
    If you want to run with the bulls and then watch them slowly being tortured to death in the arena whilst sipping a cold beer you atleast have to allow the bull some kind of vengeance.
    This man has a nice souvenier thats all, a souvenier fitting the event.
    The matador one is even better, aquiring fame and glory over the misery of animals, hope it hurt like hell.

  33. mario says:

    Yeah! finally in holytaco…
    the chilean barney…
    the child molester on a purple dino costume!

  34. Harry Balsagna says:

    pure fucking hilarity

  35. I WAS THAT DOG says:

    HellsKitchenDude? Not cool DRAMATIC PAUSE or funny.

  36. blah says:

    welcome to holy taco

  37. HellsKitchenDude says:

    The attack dog one? Not cool… or funny.

  38. Bear Rustler says:

    Thats a horn behind the rib cage, into the lungs and stomach area….one dead matador, nothing better than a matador being gored to death!

  39. Carmen Jolie says:

    Barney!!! How many times do I have to tell you to leave the children alone! Here, have a Live Sex Chat and get it out of your system…