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Animatronic Animals Love Them Some Fergie

Remember going to Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese as a kid and seeing those creepy robot animal bands playing some crappy versions of hit songs and their own personal compositions about how much they loved pizza? Well, some computer whiz who apparently works at a Chuck E. Cheese waited until all the kiddies went home and put on his own show by programming these herky-jerky monsters to play “London Bridge” by Fergie, another herky-jerky monster. The camera work is a little off, but anyone who was forced to go to a shitty pizza party at one of these establishments as a child will appreciate this.

12 Responses to "Animatronic Animals Love Them Some Fergie"

  1. ChuckE. says:

    Here’s the story… back in the early 80′s there was the “precursor” to Chuck E. Cheese with a line of stores called Funtime PIzza. Eventually the businesses merged/purchased each other – whatever – and now it’s just one happy mouse called Chuck E. Cheese.

    ANYWAYS – this is one of the many rogue displays that are out there in the wild. Not in someone’s basement but at the company that originally made these displays for Funtime Pizza down in Florida. Not sure what people are able to do – but they updated the systems that run this stuff from 24 years ago to use a PC to program them and this is one of many YouTube videos of people doing these wonderful shows to modern songs.

    Great stuff to see this as I used to go to this place just to play some AWESOME video games at the time. Unlike the Chuck E Cheese of today with the lame games -they had all the GREATEST games of the 80′s there at the place. Sad moment in history long gone now.

  2. David says:

    See all the custom shows we’re making at http://www.programblue.com

  3. looneybird78 says:

    Yea I have one of these shows setup myself. The one you are seeing here is of Chris Thrash’s show. There is quit and underground of us Rock-afire Fanatics. We even hold an annual gathering that rotates locations yearly. David Ferguson wrote the software that is allowing us to program these guys to the hits of today… And NO he does not work at CEC>

  4. chad says:

    look up the band captured by robots!!!!!!!!! good stuff :0

  5. CB says:

    Even creepier…..

  6. Adam says:

    Is this the same guy who has the whole setup in his basement? I looks like it

  7. HOLY TACO FAN! says:

    DUDE! this is SOOOOOO CREEPY!!!!! and the dude who who there should get fired for scary US!!!! D-:

  8. skillsaw says:

    old news taco… tell us where we can now take our kids for the new and improved “showbiz” experience…

  9. Mr. B says:

    You mean to tell me that’s not the real Fergie? Seriously?

  10. angelina says:

    best fucking video i’ve ever seen !!!

  11. Bruce Campbell says:

    Simply awesome.

  12. hooligan says:

    I just crapped me pants…