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Aniston Vs. Jolie: Round 1…FIGHT!

This is why Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt and I’m me.  He bangs two incredibly hot chicks and instead of hating him, they hate each other and still want to bang him.   people.com reports:

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie are among the A-list hosts of this year’s Night Before pre-Oscar Bash.

The press-free charity event promises to be the first time Aniston and Jolie have met since Pitt left Aniston in 2005 and started a family with Jolie a short time later.

Man, I really wish I could see a Rocky IV style training sequence where Aniston is out in the snowy woods splitting logs with an axe and punching sides of meat, while Jolie has all this high tech equipment to train with and some russian scientist is injecting her with HGH while she drinks some power shake.

Here’s what the two fighters had to say. While you read these quotes, imagine the words in bold being said in the middle of a wrestling ring by Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage:

“Jen wants to go but knows it would be a disaster waiting to happen,” an Aniston insider tells Us.

Adding to the pressure: Jolie has said in the past she’d “welcome” a meeting with Aniston.

Hell yeah, let’s get this shit on! Let’s take a look at the fight card:

7 Responses to "Aniston Vs. Jolie: Round 1…FIGHT!"

  1. DKM32 says:

    I would luv to get front row tickets 2 see these 2 sexy babes go at it!!!!

  2. popcorn says:

    Aniston all the way

  3. Sir Fatty says:

    Could Jolie’s head be any larger? That side profile makes her look like Alien.

  4. Bubba says:

    So is this next weeks WWYRD??

    Jen for the win!!

  5. Clit Wizard says:

    its called a “no-contest” after i jump in the ring, and crush both of there pussy’s

  6. Matty D says:

    Either way Brad Pitt wins and every other man on earth loses. Damn you Brad.

  7. Bubba says:

    And Sir … She is an Alien!!

    Jen … Call me ;)