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Anna Benson

Where You’ve Seen Her: Anna Benson is the wife of MLB player Kris Benson, and is now runner up for the hottest MLB wife ever.  Starting her career as a stripper, she made her way into modeling and has been a glamour model for quite some time, consequently after marrying Kris Benson.  Hmmm…
Pointless Quote: "I have huge Breastices"


39 Responses to "Anna Benson"

  1. dirt says:

    Her whole story is getting a little old and so is she- There are better looking baseball gals and for sure some better women.

  2. Salamander says:

    She’s pretty hot and all, but she’s a C–t! I don’t like her, I don’t want to hear anymore about her. I was hoping that there would be something in here about her dumbass, overrated, overpaid, husband divorcing her, but no. He’s way to stupid to do that. Idiot met her when he was in college making no money and got horswoggled into marrying the gold digging slut. He’s still under her spell, what a stupid country rube! I hope they both die in a plan crash.

  3. ckk says:

    I’d pummel that ass all day long, and I mean long in every sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. j biggs says:

    Yeah she is pretty damn hot isn’t she! Hahahaha

  5. FCT says:

    Arent they divorced?

  6. kalfina says:

    i just like u reply is needed.kalfina

  7. lisamendez.com says:

    She looks like a so so so sexy version of Rosie…

  8. ejais says:

    what kid of pix is this

  9. tiffany jewelry says:

    Kate, who has been dating with the Prince since they met at university eight years ago, is seen as a modern Cinderella. tiffany rings The romantic relationship between her and her

  10. otiss says:

    The “Rosie” pic where she’s showing us her tramp stamp is enough to make your pecker crawl back up inside ya’.

  11. BFDeal says:

    A pale Michelle Obama..Doesn’t the Messiah wish..

  12. ObamaAntichrist says:

    Cool juicy ass and tits.

  13. CZAR says:


  14. Woody Johnson says:

    Does nothing for me.

  15. Slapshot says:

    The funny thing is that when Kris was in Pittsburgh she was the model of a great player’s wife. Was at every charity function, did a million things with Children’s Hospital here and was always gracious with the fans. This crazed NY babe isn’t the same girl we met here.

  16. valdemar says:

    isso é que é mulher

  17. jeremy799 says:

    you are obviously gay dude.

  18. Elijah dansmith says:

    I love you Ann Benson

  19. T Shirts says:

    Incredible picture. I quickly scrolled down hoping to see more.

  20. Peanut says:

    Aw, DAMN!

    Who’s this Kris Benson tool to land a chick like that?

    Way to go, making the rest of us realize how empty our lives are…

  21. shartfelch says:

    i’d bag her in the brown.

  22. doodahdoodoo says:

    I love the O’s, but that picture definitely highlights some brown-bag factors one must consider before diving in.

  23. Philospher says:

    I don’t like this because I’m gay. I like wieners.

  24. j biggs says:


  25. noahaction says:

    she is certifiably insane. not in a blow you in a church on easter sunday sort of way, but more like a boil your kids’ pet rabbit on the stove way.

  26. MKO says:

    uhhh, does she look a little too much like Rosie O’Donnell in the face?

  27. Victor Riggs says:

    That’s sick, dude! Miss Piggy of the Muppets, YES! Anne Benson, NOOO!

  28. Victor Riggs says:

    OOOPS! I meant Anna!

  29. AmericanBad@$$ says:

    LOL! She’s grossly overrated & an obnoxious gold-digger. Kris Benson should have known better than to marry such a floozy.

  30. Carlos says:

    Perhaps a little, but she can sit on my face.

  31. khairul zein says:


  32. cloture deaths says:

    her saying “breastices” killed this gallery for me

  33. pratik says:

    The Orioles jersey killed this gallery for me.

  34. gugulay says:

    hihi i am gugu i want to sex with you . can i do that ?

  35. Maxis says:

    Anna’s story is the fairy tale ending for all strippers/porn stars. Finding a sucker, I mean loving husband who is rich….Something about her screams clap, I don’t know, she is the type of woman to leave you with more than a broken wallet, I mean heart; Crabs…