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Another Beauty Pageant Screw Up

This beauty contestant screw up – Watch more free videos

Before you make fun of her, you should try answering a question as difficult and complicated as, “What roll did your family play for you as candidate to Binibining Philipinas?” See, it’s not so easy.

22 Responses to "Another Beauty Pageant Screw Up"

  1. suck balls holy pillypino. says:

    I agree with the Filipino.

  2. fartface holy pillypino says:

    ROLE not roll! stupid! PILIPINAS not Philipinas! 1000X stupid!!!

  3. Jologs says:

    Shame those people laughing. This is a beauty pageant not an english language contest. There are lots of contestants in Ms. World and Ms. Universe who don’t even know how to speak even a single english word. Knowing how to speak in english is not requirement to be a beauty pageant winner, maybe in spelling bee.

  4. Warren says:

    God damn the video wasn’t that funny.

    but w, holy and filipino had me crying.

  5. dumbass holy pillypino says:

    learn how to spell “filipino”, illiterate bastard…

  6. chris says:

    u people are so mean, nobodys perfect. she’s needs practice though..major.

  7. Chinky eyed says:

    Excuse me, but if you listened WELL, the question was, “What ROLE did your family play for you in Binibining Pilipinas?

    Also, please, before making any nasty comments, give educated guesses; think first before you speak. The Philippines was a colony of the US and until now, the US has a strong influence on the Philippines, even with the “need to be proficient in the English language”". There has been a debate on whether English should be the main medium of instruction instead of the supposed national language, Filipino. Unfortunately, this has still not been resolved. And to add to the problem, even if English has been used as the medium of instruction in most schools, not all public schools have teachers that have excellent diction and articulation. After all, English is NOT the natural and first language of most Filipinos.

    So please, no racist and nasty comment. How dare you speak negatively about the Filipino. We are not the only ones who are not that proficient in English. Think of the Japanese, French, Koreans, Italians, Thai, etc. Actually, we are much better than other countries when it comes to English and a generalization from one person, from one beauty pageant candidate who just happened to be not so good in English and who was nervous, is just plain inconsiderate.

  8. whoa says:

    whoa get a grip girl

  9. pinoy says:

    “Filipino” is not a language. “Tagalog” is our native tongue. Although some of our accents are heavy, if you aren’t quick to judge and intelligent enough, you can understand the message we try to convey. Some of you new generation “Flips” need to study history yourselves. If your Lola or Lolo heard you calling each other Filipino, they would “paloh” you fools! It’s Pilipino, don’t forget it. BTW, that chick was smokin’! We have some of the most beautiful women. You Yanks got nothing on us with your pale, tanless just boiled looking skin. HAHA!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Janina San Miguel, the girl in the clip, won the competition. (Binibining is the equivalent of “Miss”, so “Miss Philippines”).

  11. Pinay says:

    hahah. idiots. don’t get so uptight. ignorance is bliss.

  12. Mixed says:

    She speaks better english than many americans…

  13. Pinoy to-its says:

    Its funny how some people judge this young lady. they don’t measure even an inch of her. I bet you’re all drooling at her at this very moment.

  14. J-loco says:

    and thats why women models are only good for 3 things..walking, puking and (insert fantasy here).

  15. AlcoLOL says:

    Wow… She could barely speak english. Doesn’t mean she’s stupid. She was pretty hot too, for a 17 year old.

  16. w says:

    i’d bindibinnibing her.

  17. grant says:


  18. holy pillypino's says:

    why cant these people speak. i know many pillypino’s and they cant complete a sentence. RETARDS

  19. shoots says:

    english isn’t her first language and that’s racist to say filipinos can’t speak english. if they have difficulty because it’s not their first language, that’s understandable. i just felt embarassed for her cause i wouldn’t want that to happen to me. and what does that question even mean????

  20. Nobody says:

    “What ROLE, not what ROLL.”

    -Born proofreader.

  21. Filipino says:

    At least we do our “best” to try to learn the language of our miserable colonial masters. Unlike other Asian countries who dare not and hire translators instead.

  22. Biggins says:

    Miss South Carolina moves to the Phillipines to escape ridicule.