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Apple Internal Memo to Steve Jobs

Here at Holy Taco, we take pride in our ability to steal things from major corporations and post them here for your amusement.  Here’s a recently-discovered Apple Internal Memo to Steve Jobs, in which a developer raises some questions regarding Jobs’ feedback on upcoming Apple products:

7 Responses to "Apple Internal Memo to Steve Jobs"

  1. crsfc says:

    I can’t decide if this is hilariously funny or ridiculously stupid.

  2. Qty says:

    Just stupid

  3. dr.appledick says:

    I don’t know about you mmmkay, but I love the fact that I have crooked nuts.

  4. philosiphuck says:

    this is just ridiculous

  5. Pony says:


  6. Horny Chick Who wont shut the fuck up says:


  7. Pissopher says:

    didnt know steve had breast cancer too