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Are Your Grandparents Sexting?

Sexting, or, "sex texting," is becoming a big problem among America’s teens. Luckily for parents, a lot of sites are posting some common sexting terms used by teenagers so they can keep tabs on what their children are up to. But these days, more and more old folks are using cell phones and (probably) sexting each other. So how can you tell if your grandparents are sending other grandparents dirty text messages? Here are a few terms and codes keep an eye out for:
DYRS – Do You Remember Sex?
MWIIACWC – My Wife Is In A Coma, Wanna Cyber?
TVKI – The Viagra’s Kicking In
ITAC – Is This A Computer?
GoL – Grandchild on Lap
N911 – Nurse Alert
420 – Dinner Time
IOMM – I’m Off My Meds
MGIAQ – My Grandson Is A Queer
SYHFUMA – Shove Your Hummel Figurine Up My Ass
FOLS – Fond of Leathery Skin
DiR – Death In Room
TYDO – Take Your Depends Off
LMIRLABE – Let’s Meet In Real Life At Bob Evans
OSMGISUMWC – One Second, My Grandson Is Setting Up My Web Cam
MPHWHJ – My Parkinsons Helps With Hand Jobs
TCS – The Catheter Stings
WYWM – Will You Wipe Me?
LSMSSCOW – Let’s Spend My Social Security Check On Whores
WMBRB – Watching Matlock, Be Right Back
LDOMC – Lay Down On My Craftmatic
KADC – Knitting A Dildo Cozy
LMG – Lost My Glasses
RU/81 – Are You Over 81?
WSTMO – Willard Scott Turns Me On
PRUN – Prunes
LYWMGUO – Leave Your Wal-Mart Greeter Uniform On
IFTWPA – I Forgot To Wear Pants Again
LLP – Let’s Lemon Party

10 Responses to "Are Your Grandparents Sexting?"

  1. lame says:

    lame… just lame.
    you know what holy taco, take it off its not worth it

  2. WHATTTTTT says:


  3. No Pants says:

    IFTWPA2..Or did i?

  4. Neon's Grandpa says:


  5. asdasdasd says:

    the hummel figurine thing is right on

  6. alexd says:

    you´re just reposting older posts. I remember this.
    It´s a nice one thou

  7. S.A.S says:

    Old people smell like shit.

  8. Neon's Grandpa says:

    Did I mention MGIAQ? Because MGIAQ.

  9. HB says:

    This was actually funny, good job HT!

  10. HB says:

    OMG did HT finally let me submit a comment after trying for the past six weeks? Hallejuah glory be to Jah I can comment with the rest of the re-tards