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Asante Samuel Makes Tom Brady Cry

The last time we saw Asante Samuel, he was dropping a game ending interception in the Super Bowl.  Apparently he feels like he needs to punish himself for that mistake, so he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Yahoo sports reports:

Philadelphia got its first one of 2008, signing the free-agent cornerback to a six-year contract on Friday and ending Samuel’s five-year stint in New England.

“I just want a chance to be able to win and get back to the Super Bowl, Samuel said. “That’s why I picked the Philadelphia Eagles.”

Excuse me, what?  That’s like saying, “I wanted to get laid really badly, so I’m deciding to burn all my money and shit my pants twice a day.”  Ass-ante, you were on a team that almost went un-defucking-feated.  I’d rather join that team on Friday Night Lights and live in that shit hole town than take up a roster spot on the Philadelphia Eagles.  At least there are hot slutty chicks who like to party in Texas.

22 Responses to "Asante Samuel Makes Tom Brady Cry"

  1. Nick says:

    Sometimes when people are really pissed off they do things that hurt themselves. Someone is angry so they punch the wall and injure their hand. Someone is really hungry so they eat their toes. I think he’s just so pissed off about losing the Super Bowl that he’s acting completely on impulse. He’ll wake up next season in Philly with bloody stumps at the end of his feet and say the exact same thing we all say when we act irrationally…..GOD DAMN IT!

  2. you're all idiots says:

    wow…does anyone in here actualy know anything about football?

    seriously, the eagles have been a perrenial playoff team since the mid 90′s with the exception of a few bad years.

    as for the dumbass who said good luck with donovan mcnabb on your team…Asante Samuel doesn’t play with the offense so i don’t see how that’s relevant. o wait, that’s because its not. and mcnabb, as much as i ahte him, is better than most of the NFL quarterbacks. he has slow progressions and his accuracy is shaky at best but he still has a hell of an arm, mobility, and poise.

    its not like the eagles are the scum of the NFL…they have a real good shot at the playoffs if you ask anyone who actually knows anything about football. congratualtions on all of you being dumbfucks

  3. hey says:

    lets go giants

  4. Dumbass! says:

    rodeny harrison cover asantes ass?!?!?! do you know football and know what type of player harrison is?! if you think rodney harrison is a good cover db you must truly be a pats fan who happens to think the only time a player can perform is in a pats uniform……….dumbass now watch moss leave and the best the pats go is 10-6 with an early trip home from the playoffs. so much for the perfect season hahahaha 18-1 GO BIRDS!

  5. HOHOHO says:

    all you fuckers need to get a new life…….football is over…..now lets concentrate on
    the stuff that matters……..catching brittney pantyless again…….

  6. football fan says:

    well asante has a chance of going to the play offs, but thats about it, his 60 mill is what he wants….. and for “dumbass” pats won 3 superbowls with out moss, or even a decent reciver aside branch who turned out to be decent on the seahawks. the pats train decent players to do their jobs incredibly. you cant say the pats arent gonna miss the lil bastid, but asante got his chance to shine after ty law left, now someone else will step it up.

  7. bunnymurder says:

    German, much like the head vampire, you are the head gay. If someone stabs you in the heart with a silver dildo, all the other gays will turn straight.

    P.S. your mother was born a man

  8. Jim says:

    Whoever put this up is an idiot and has not a clue about football. The Eagles are consistantly a good team, with one losing season in this decade. This is just another example of idiot people from Boston.

  9. BIRDman says:

    Philly is and always will be a better than any of you cum guzzling New Englanders. We actually have true fans unlike all you mother fuckers that just hopped on the Patriots bandwagon. And speaking of burning money and shitting pants. How was that superbowl? A big waste of money for what? the Patriots to shit their pants in the biggest game of the season? 18-1*

  10. BirdNerd! says:

    new england patriots cheaters since 2000……..

  11. jawpain58 says:

    only one sure thing we can all agree on even in philly coach andy reed will put on another 50 pounds before next season and his 2 sons will get busted for dope and dui go eagles, just heard on espn randy moss signs 3 year deal with pats. go pats

  12. mike hunt says:

    so you have to rank on the eagles to make yourself feal good. Who’ syour team, lemme guess, the cowboys?

  13. scott says:

    go FNL team!!

  14. your a balloon knot says:

    you are the fucking retard you ass sucking fag. eagles are a way better team than they showed last year due to injuries. philly will rock whatever cum dumpster city you come from. best secondary in the league is all i have to say

  15. Kathlyn Logan says:

    HOPE I hear in 2008 about as much re Asante Samuel as I heard re Deion Branch in 2007!
    Branch Last 4 Games 4 18 195 48.8 10.8 31

  16. Cathy says:

    Another player that makes an obvious lie. All he had ro say was I’m leaving because of the money and I hope to make them a better team. He must know he’s giving-up his superbowl chances, but then again, maybe he doesn’t have faith in the PATs because of the last 2 years (or Bellicheck or Brady’s bad karma).

  17. Chaosman says:

    Hey!….I am offended. We have hot slutty chicks who like to party in Philly too.

  18. t-boner says:

    ya like your mom

  19. German says:

    go play european football without protectors .

  20. cuff67 says:

    are you for real you eddie grant nappy headed liar the eagles have as good of a chance going to the super bowl as the dolphins do,you took the cash ty law jr

  21. jawpain58 says:

    he will be like every fool that left the patriots, you never hear from then again examples david givens, deion branch,damien woody, ty law and any other fool who left for more money. wait till your ass is on the field for 45 minutes a game with donovan mcnabb as quarterback, your also going to miss rodney harrisson covering your over rated black ass. what a fucken wake up call your in for you lying bastard eagles closet to going to super bowl, enjoy yhe money fool.

  22. persecutorx says:

    the eagles rock motherfuckers