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Aubrey Miles

Where You’ve Seen Her: Aubrey Miles is a TV Presenter and Musician In Phillipines.  Aside from this, she’s been in several US movies, but mainly Filipino films.  She’s also done plenty of bikini photoshoots to last you a good while.
Pointless Quote: "Having A Good Time Is The Most Important Thing In My Life."
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13 Responses to "Aubrey Miles"

  1. fdsafa says:

    lmao who says all asian got small dicks? ive seen white people with really small dicks in porn movies so don’t stereotype assholes

  2. bluezeal says:

    Uneducated person says it all! He talk shit and nothing else. Philippines Rock!

  3. Clownin on 1whoknows says:


  4. uglysexy says:

    she is a thrilla in manila…and tastes like chocolate and vanilla


  5. Kurt2 says:

    Asian faces are so damn ugly (to me). I don’t get the infatuation with them by other white dudes. Is it a small penis size thing? Plus, you never see white chicks with Asian men. Is it a small penis size thing, too?

  6. Filipino U.S. Army Ranger says:

    1WhoKnows: There are millions of people in the Philippines, many of them with more money than you’ll ever see in 10 of your lifetimes. Don’t stereotype us based on the small few who make their living selling their dicks, pussies, and asses so they can survive. By the way, it’s Filipina, not Phillipina. You obviously don’t know. Get educated. You just met one who doesn’t have a price.

  7. BrAnDi says:

    uhh…. whoa!
    (not a lezz)
    but whoa!

  8. aliice says:

    damn. im not a lez, but thats hott ; )

  9. Sexy Biatch says:

    If you like Asian Babes, you’ll love these alluring amateurs and these chicks love to chat…

  10. 1WhoKnows says:

    You know what’s great about Phillipinas? You’ll never meet one who doesn’t have a price…You know what I mean.

  11. Anonymous says:

    shows what you know. it’s Philippines. not Philippinas.

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh btw, Aubrey Miles is already married with 2 kids. Different fathers though.


  13. sıcak video says:

    veryy sexyy hot baby