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Awesome Food Pranks

Not sure of what to do with the holiday leftovers? Try a few of these ideas. 

12 Responses to "Awesome Food Pranks"

  1. Mr. Miyagi says:

    That last bitch most definitely received a hate fuck.

  2. lil_cutie says:

    the laxatives in the brownies waz juz plain mean. he should never forgive her. she a fukin bitch 4 doing that

  3. Nothing like playing a prank on a 7 year old.

  4. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Especially with chalk. Most brands of cheap chalk have lead in them.

    “Eat up the lead son, its so damn funny!!”

  5. IKilledBambi says:

    The last one wasn’t funny… just hateful lol

  6. DaveLovesBacon says:

    I was impressed with the brownie presentation, even adding a sprinkle of powdered sugar…

    I want to see the video response where she has a black eye and her breath smells like shit.

  7. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Can I masterbate for your fuck ass video chat? I wanna rub my jumk all over your lame video chatters!!

  8. Harry Clark says:

    That last one probably got her a black eye. That guy looked like someone you dont fuck with. Also, it didnt really play well on video. He eats then is in the bathroom. How do we know its from the brownies? Maybe he was already gonna duce it. Lame

  9. Anonymous. says:

    This video sucked. the only funny one was the first one.the hair pizza,ex lax brownies and chalk bunny are all good reasons to punch passerbys in the face in the hope that they made these videos.

  10. that one guy says:

    chicks dont know how to pull a joke.

  11. You Name says:

    Yes kids, hide in refrigerators.