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Awesome Motorcycle Fails

Motorcycles are extremely badass when they’re not exploding or crashing, so it only makes sense for them to also be extremely badass when they are exploding or crashing.
(5 is funny, 4 is stupid, 3 is pretty good, 2 is great, 1 is meh.)

5 Responses to "Awesome Motorcycle Fails"

  1. master baiter says:


  2. Camel Tao says:

    That was fucking terrible. I can find 2,000 better clips on Youtube in five minutes that kick that clip’s ass.

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  4. spanktbot says:

    mac arthur. mentalist. always remember, time doesnt exist. clocks exist.

  5. Mac Arthur in the Park says:

    I just need to say this: South Korea should invade North Korea and the rest of the world should give them a hand. I’ll help too.