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Awful Souvenirs

Someone you know went somewhere and bought you something shitty! Smile and take it!

Prince William and Kate Middleton Mug

"Wow! All the way from London Aunt Marlene!? Honestly, I would've preferred a farting beefeater doll but this Prince William and Kate Middleton mug will do just fine!"

Boob Mug

"Get it? It's a tit!"

Elvis Snowglobe

The epitome of "tacky souvenir".

Gum Saver

"Oh, GUM saver! I thought you said something else."

Awful shakers

"They're shakers... and they're 'shakers'! I get it, Uncle Lou. Great find!"

Kangaroo Balls

"Cup 'em. Got it!"

Armadillo droppings

Everything is bigger and tackier in Texas!

Tacky Hat

Throw this one into the "never to be worn in public" category of clothing.

Volcano Ash

The ashes of the villagers this volcano wiped out are probably mixed in there somewhere. That's what makes this souvenir particularly special.

This one's for the ladies.

2 Responses to "Awful Souvenirs"

  1. whatever - who cares says:

    That last one is unisex, thank you very much!

    Oh yeah. FHOOOIRST!!!