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Baby Juggalos

The only really cool thing about having a little kid is that you can make it wear whatever you want. You can dress it up like anything for Halloween, or just for dinner. I don’t have a kid, personally, but I imagine that in order to offset the intense frustration of caring for a young child, I’d have to let off some steam by dressing it like an asshole for no apparent reason. It’s passive-aggressive, sure, but it’d probably be my only option. It’s something I’d have to do until the kid was old enough to really object, or physically hurt me. That’s why I don’t think any less of the parents of the kids depicted in this article. No matter what your stance on the whole ICP, Juggalo thing is, you have to agree that slapping grease paint and a hatchet necklace on a wriggling baby, then taking a picture, is hilarious.

“Before he was old enough to crawl we bought him a child-safe hatchet man necklace.”

“The label on the shoe polish can didn’t say anything about being harmful to children, so we figured it was totally safe for children.”

“A+” for effort on this one, Juggalo parents.

Baby Juggalo swagger.

The look on this child’s face alone would be enough to make someone call child protective services.

Baby’s first hatchet hoody.

Sitting so close to the speakers like that probably won’t do any damage to the kid’s tiny ear drums. He should be fine.

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