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Bachelor of the Week: Playa59

Who knows? Maybe you can meet that special someone on Holy Taco. But if you do, we get to get wasted and make a speech while you guys are doing it for the first time. No exceptions!
Name: Playa59
Age: 46 (Not 59?)
Occupation: N/A = Homeless
Playa59 is clearly a true American. Blue collar, salt of the earth, wooden palette building American. He hasn’t quite grasped the "69" joke based on his name, unless he knows a move called "59" that is way cooler. If that is the case, then he is clearly a catch for any lady. Which judging by his appearance is probably pretty obvious to any single girl out there looking for "the one". Unfortunately this "the one" will probably die of liver failure, not leave you any money, and give you crabs.

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