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Bachelorette of the Week: Single Sarah

Who knows? Maybe you can meet that special someone on Holy Taco. But if you do, we get to get wasted and make a speech while you guys are doing it for the first time. No exceptions!
 Name: Single Sarah
Age: 22
Occupation: Drunk
Watch out fellas, Single Sarah is on the loose! With her leopard print winter coat, tupac bandana, and constant beer in hand, she was bred to be a mother. Her hobbies include kicking rocks and tearing hair from it’s roots using tape. She perfers boys who have been freshly tape waxed so she is easy to please. Her happiest moment was busting out of the womb, which she seems to remember, so that’s impressive. If you think Sarah is the one, make a pit stop at the tape store and go catch your future!

4 Responses to "Bachelorette of the Week: Single Sarah"

  1. Julius Holmberg says:

    WTF i am trying to eat here

  2. PO says:

    Are these videos funny?

  3. Lawrence Taylor says:

    Popped da cherry …nigga

  4. pratik says:

    If Lindsay Lohan had a different mom (one that didn’t whore her out to Disney for big bucks), I’m sure this is how she would’ve turned out.