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The Bad News: She’s a Terrible Painter


48 Responses to "The Bad News: She’s a Terrible Painter"

  1. Anonymously says:

    there’s pics of girls and you take the time to read this?!?!?! who the hell cares?

  2. Master Of None says:

    little girls should be proud of there little boobies, i don’t like fake tits, not at all.

  3. ghostrecon says:

    does she do a lousy paint job?…how about blowjob she looks like a perfect gal for me..

  4. T Shirts says:

    The tape is supposed to go on the wall honey.

  5. Jeff says:

    Definitely a trophy girlfriend.
    Call me what one will.
    Anyways, at least tonight’s masturbating more enjoyable.

  6. spydyr says:

    I would paint her face

  7. why? says:

    What paint?

  8. phiI0sopher says:

    I was gonna say the same thing about not liking tits but wanted to add preferring cock in my ass as well. Maybe we could hook up and not like tits together.

  9. MMMMMMMmmmmm says:

    She got knocked up and married…then the website went away

  10. Dougie(the dog) says:

    holy duck tape batman,this girl can keep me away from saving the world anyday.

  11. Anonymouspootypoot says:

    i only get off after there dead.

  12. Dougie(the dog) says:

    woof,woof again

  13. who is it says:

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  14. joey says:

    i pray for not only your death but the death of your entire family. preferably in a fire

  15. username2 says:

    I’m feeling woozy!

  16. BMX420 says:

    i’d hire her any day, come work for me bitch

  17. BrutalDeluxe says:

    A fire that has flying razors and AIDS.

  18. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Good News: she boffs like a Bunny !!!

  19. Hektor says:

    Yummy. I love the concentration camp look.
    Really, why bother having sex with her when it would be way more fun to play a wicked xylophone solo on her ribs with your dick?

  20. JWill says:

    i love her.


  21. JWill says:

    that is not duck tape moron…

    it is painter’s tape….

    alot less adhesive….

    which is not really a bad thing per say.


  22. Scat Lover says:

    i would definitely let this chick take the largest shit ever on my forehead. and then let it ripple down my face an into my mouth as i rub it down my nipples and slowly onto my 2inch erect cock

  23. Anonynous2241's Dad says:

    Please forgive me kind people of Holy Taco, my son needs cock in his life…..Lots and lots of trobbing cock!

  24. Anonymous2241 says:

    ha trust me i get more then enough pussy IRL
    but here id pass
    just dont think shes all that hott

  25. He's Obviously lying says:

    There’s no reason to lie and try to cover it up. It’s only obvious to everyone here on Holy Taco that your gayer than your grandma. Who the fuck says: IRL?????
    I’ll tell you who. A fuckin fruitcake! That’s who!!!

  26. Anonymous2241 says:

    Nah I’ll pass

  27. random Tool says:

    What is wrong with you?

  28. i smell like ass says:

    he lacks a penis

  29. office jerk says:

    he needed a painter.

  30. Anonymous2241 says:

    she’s just not that hott to me

  31. Smeckler says:

    She lacks a penis.

  32. Your mum says:

    You all lack brains.

  33. capitain chode says:

    thank you

  34. Samhedi says:

    I really need to know this girls name. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  35. Anal Commando says:


  36. The Stuff In That Green Ball in The Rock says:

    It makes it feel more like a real person.

  37. callouses says:

    my over-jerked wiener recognizes her as ashton von

  38. John Daly says:


  39. random Tool says:

    what the hell is wrong with you?

  40. Vince'd Off'er says:

    Tape her hands and mouth. Replace paint smudge with cum stain. That’s better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mess to clean up.

  41. Mulholland says:

    Wanna rub your brush on my DICK?

  42. Mulholland says:

    No wait: “Nice way to get blue balls.”


    Got it?

  43. Cipher says:

    Second times the charm, bro.

  44. coronelsanders says:

    Thats what I call improvisation… See the blue tape over the door? She was working and she thought… Hey I should tape my boobs and take a pic…

    Glad you did it…

  45. fourteenlines says:

    Because you know she had a camera with her while painting.

  46. taintnothinbutabrowneye says:

    i hate this chick for not peeing in my mouth

  47. Smeckler says:

    That BITCH.

  48. MMMMMMMmmmmm says:

    I know that girl she lives in orlando, she used to run a site called nogirlnextdoor.com
    how weird