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Batman: Arkham Clusterf@#$

A year has passed since the events of Batman: Arkham City(quick synopsis – everyone at Arkham Asylum for the Batshit Insane in Gotham City, as well as inmates at Blackgate prison, has escaped and is making the city of Gotham a real shithole.  Despite living in a universe full of super powered individuals, Batman takes care of this problem completely on his own.  Who needs The Justice League when every supervillain in town is free at the same time?  I mean really).  The shit is really hitting the fan now Batman, who is just one guy, refuses to accept he can’t really recapture and incarcerate literally hundreds of criminals, many of whom are clinically insane and in possession of weapons that are mind-boggling in their destructive power.  Some of these people aren’t even really human, for God’s sake.

As the threat of Arkham spreads, other low-lifes and maniacs catch wind and roadtrip to Gotham, the one city in the DC-Universe no other hero gives a shit about.  Lex Luthor, Braniac, Darkseid, Dex-Starr, countless rogues flocks to the New York that isn’t New York because there’s literally only one guy there trying to keep order.  How can this even be a thing that happens?  Why doesn’t anyone else care about Gotham City?  Is it just a wash like Detroit now?  Why doesn’t Batman just move his shit down the road and start fresh somewhere better?  Eventually someone even as crazy as the Joker is going to get sick of a running a town that is people by criminals and produces nothing, offers nothing and runs on nothing.  Plus, if Batman leaves,you can just blow it up.  Batman, blow it up!  Whatever…

With no help in town, having ensured Alfred and Commissioner Gordon are safe beyond the city, Batman’s grasp on sanity starts wearing thin after Wayne Manor succumbs to the criminal element and burns to the ground, leaving only the Batcave for Wayne to live in as he sinks deeper and deeper into the Bat persona until one day a cadre of villainous types discover his sanctuary, representing the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Bruce Wayne is shelved indefinitely as the Dark Knight takes over.  He is not trapped with the criminals, they’re trapped with him.

Batman goes on a killing spree.  Now, in Batman, Arkham Clusterf@#$ for Xbox 360 and PS3 it’s your job to realize Arkham Asylum was literally the worst secure facility in the history of ever with zero effort being put into securing or rehabilitating inmates.  If anything it made the situation worse.  No longer is there any point in capturing criminals.  It’s time to get dirty.  Crazy, Bat-killy dirty.

Control Batman as he upgrades his weapons to a new breed of lethal, completely insane tools of havoc and mayhem and kill your way through Gotham City.  Leave no stone unturned until every criminal and maniac is dealt with and the city is safe again for normal people, which can realistically only happens if Batman kills several thousand thugs and bastards.

Featuring buzzsaw bladed batarangs and an augmented batclaw that has the power to sever bone and explode skulls, Batman is now the craziest kook in the Asylum.  Get your copy today!

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