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The BBC Now Writing Digg/Reddit/Stumbleupon Headlines

So here we are. Even the BBC, one of the last bastions of serious news journalism in the world is now resorting to writing headlines that are clearly written in Internet parlance. Anyone who’s clicked on Digg or Reddit or Stumbleupon or HolyTaco has seen a headline that reads: "The Best/Worst ___ Ever." But, until now, this method of writing has only been an Internet and really crappy newspaper phenomenon. Well, not anymore.
This is a trend that’s only going to get worse as time goes on, so here are a few more BBC headlines you can expect to see in the future.


4 Responses to "The BBC Now Writing Digg/Reddit/Stumbleupon Headlines"

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    fantastic! i especially enjoy the one about the african leaders, but i wish that i could see the rest!!!

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