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Bear Houses Have Thin Walls


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10 Responses to "Bear Houses Have Thin Walls"

  1. Sparrow says:

    Momma Bear sees God. Pappa Bear hibernates. The End.

  2. Diet Cleanse says:

    The ending of that book isn’t pretty.

  3. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Mama bear puts Ex-Lax into brownies for Papa bear as a joke and then posts the video to youtube. When he finds out what she did he beats the fuck out of her then shits in her mouth!

  4. my name says:

    sounds like my weekend

  5. Anonymous1 says:


    If this is a Jewish household the mother is probably moaning because she is pouding her cunt with a black dildo to finish off what her laughably small dick Jew husband couldn’t.

  6. Dread Fred says:

    Stain not Stein you fucking idiot

  7. Twattage Cheese says:

    Cause shes getting her ass jagged with a bowling pin!

  8. XD says:


  9. Dude says:


  10. Why? says:

    Get up and go look if you are so curious.. DAMN!