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Benny Hinn Sends The Bodies To The Floor

Benny Hinn, Let the bodies hit the floor – Watch more free videos

Benny Hinn and his hilarious “you shall be healed!” style of preaching gets a much-deserved soundtrack.

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20 Responses to "Benny Hinn Sends The Bodies To The Floor"

  1. Tom Walichiewicz says:

    Well that was pretty much fucking awesome.

  2. Matty D says:

    The true miracle in all this is Benny Hinn’s haircut. Fuck me, thats the most glorious sculpet mullet I have ever seen!

  3. John says:

    Tasers in his sleeves.

    That or really bad breath.

  4. Brendon says:

    I’ve pulled off those same moves in Street Fighter 2.

  5. TJ says:

    If that’s Benny Hinn, where’s the half naked English broads and how come they aren’t running in fast forward with that music?

    And what about that little bald guy, that gets patted on the head?

  6. satan says:

    somebody murder this faggot

  7. Michael says:

    He has Darth Vader like powers. Throwing people around like that. Fucking amazing.

  8. NonE says:

    TJ, youre thinking of Benny Hill

  9. charlotte says:

    you know what this is? hypnotism. it’s all hynotism. he works the crowd into a frenzy and once the energy is high enough in the room with all those people, he barely has to do anything. sure, it’s crazy, but you’ve got to admit it’s fascinating…just look at the people in the crowd. they’re completely enraptured. it’s like a modernized, mainstream version of voodoo or witchcraft.

  10. Edwordrules says:

    Wow….i wonder why he doesnt go to a hospital and help people if he has “The power of god”. i think when he tries it and fails, his answer will be “AH, you dont have the acceptance and love for God our savior……but for a small donation, we can help you see the light.” BLASPHEMER!!!

  11. Benny Hinn = Douchebag!

    What an asshole – if there is a God, he/she is going to be SERIOUSLY pissed at this prick! I hope Benny lives a long and happy life – cause at the end, when he goes up to the pearly gates, St Peter WILL be giving him the smackdown, and sending him straight down to the fallen angel Lucifer!!!!

  12. Tyler says:

    Great premise for a music video.

  13. Tom S. says:

    His Kung Fu is strong…

  14. Max Spicker says:

    His powerlevel it’s over 9000!

  15. what says:

    a loser

  16. AlcoLOL says:

    Wow, this makes me believe in god.. NOT! Seeing a middle-aged fat man having a seizure is definitely not convincing. Especially after this preacher dude casted mind flay.

  17. Pratik says:

    AlcoLOL… you did not just post a World of Warcraft reference on here…

    Anyway, Mr. Hinn obviously cast Mind Control and then made them all Feign Death all over the floor.


  18. L says:

    Jesus that’s frightening. I would not let that man touch me.

  19. J-dog says:

    he picked them, paid them and they acted. no brainer. Nice mashup for who did the video. I caught it on break last year, cracked me up and still does.

  20. GettoknowChrist says:

    OH boy, I have heard of Benny Hinn doing some weird shit, but this is ridiculous! Of course most ppl who will watch this video will think all Christians are crazy and will actually be lead away from Christ intead of towards him. Then again most ppl try to find an excuse to not believe in Christ and in the end will reside in Hell for eternity….not good.