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Best Name Ever, or Worst Name Ever?

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17 Responses to "Best Name Ever, or Worst Name Ever?"

  1. Oscar Martinez says:

    Dude, Condom is not Mexican, it’s probably Colombian of Cuban, either way, FTP!

  2. Kill-all-leave-none says:

    Mexicans are all thieving retards…Should just shoot the little bastard before he has Jesus Jr….likely soon to as they breed like roaches..

  3. Meed says:

    This looks like Ralph Machio… wax on bitches!

  4. Captain amrica is a fag is a fag says:

    Your gay

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    I agree with their inmediate elimination, and not just Mexicunts but every fucking spic that exudes that particular bad taste and ignorance, like that of Oscar Martinez for example.

    The surname “condom” is likely to be of PORTUGUESE origin given that the word for condom in that language is “preservativo”.

    Fucking retards! If you weren’t so busy raping, stealing, and drug dealing you’d know better.

  6. Grundle King says:

    I can’t believe nobody’s posted some lame “holy condom” joke…like, “I think this kid was the result of a ‘holey’ condom.”

  7. Olala says:

    I love the name Jesus, mostly because it bears some resemblance to Godly powers, see usually the Puerto Ricans I date (I’m gay) are equipped with a massive meat rods and that gives them total access to power-fuck my unholy hole.

  8. Anonymussy says:

    Are you sure that’s spelled correctly?

  9. DonkeyXote says:

    Check out this other popular hispanic name.

    Email (pronounced as eh-muh-eel)

    Condom takes the cake though!

  10. Sugartits says:

    Check out this hispanic name:

    DonkeyXote IsAStupidAssInbredCumSwallowingShitSuckingButtPirate.

  11. Tonotonotonotonotono says:


    What a terrible, terrible name.

  12. MR.Obviously says:

    That is a wacky name.

  13. Captain America says:

    Aaaaand the captain slides into first, suck it zeros!

  14. Captain America Is A Faggot says:

    And my dick slides into your moms sweet ass pussy! Suck it Captain Americas MOM!!!

  15. pratik says:

    I’m sure they tried to play off a Spanish accent on his last name.

  16. Captain Americas Dad says:

    Just to let you know….She has Aids.

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    HAHAHA fucking classic!