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Betty White: A Celebrity You Can Trust

A recent poll has named Betty White the most trusted celebrity! Her public image is so positive, the very presence of her actually makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside! Now it’s only a matter of time before she ends up as a spokesperson for some company or public figure we all know are completely evil and awful. Here are a few things we think Betty White may eventually attach her name to.

1. Betty White for Sarah Palin

Nobody actually likes Sarah Palin, she’s a crazy, power-hungry psychopath. But put Betty White next to her, and all of a sudden she’s not so bad…

2. Betty White for Groupon

Remember when they made that tasteless superbowl ad? Let’s watch it again, but this time with Betty White…

3. Betty White for NewsCorp

Hey, if Betty White is ok with phone hacking, then so are we!

4. Betty White for Casey Anthony

Oh, ok, now I see why Casey Anthony was found “not guilty,” she’s friends with Betty White!

5. Betty White for BP

They’re a horrible, worldwide-mess-making, greedy corporation. But attach Betty White to their image and suddenly, they’re just an oil company trying to sell some oil! Honest, salt of the earth folk!

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