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25 Responses to "BFD"

  1. Klutz says:

    Help me out here…BFD? Bitch Fell Down?

  2. eat at the Y says:

    I want one

  3. philll says:

    nice table

  4. birdienumnum says:

    wow, flexible. I like

  5. I love my pene says:

    Oh my back!!

  6. Bruce says:

    damn she is hot…id love to fuck her in that position

  7. John staymos says:

    so many places to place my beer…mmm

  8. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I wish I could do that so I can shit on my head. Because I love shit and shit surprisingly loves me!

    I call it “FUDGE”.


  9. I banged her and now she walks like that says:

    Desiree Starr is awesome!

  10. Phil Jones says:

    You and Donkey can 69 while you shit fuck each other. I’ll watch and stroke my boner to it! ;D

  11. man of tivol says:

    Si, sssi… Silicon ;)

  12. Me again says:

    Yeah …hot crab people.

  13. Rahm Emmanuel says:


  14. The fool says:

    Wow, she’s limber!

  15. Phil Jones says:

    Dude anything with the word Cum or any variationed remixed with the word Cum and or Kum is fine with me. It turns me on. I’d know. Because my nipples are hard thinking about the thought of a banana stuck in each and every one of your buttholes. And i’m talking the 10in bananas! Sexy!

  16. Phil Jones says:

    I would do THAT and let her do me in my butt with an ear of corn. Buttered and all baby! Then eat the corn afterwards. What? Were are in a recession motehrfuckers! Save food you wasteful earth killing cuntrags!

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    Can you do me with a cumquad… something about cumquads just turns me ON!!!

  18. A scholarly gentleman says:

    The word’s KUMQUAT, genius.

  19. Somebody Who Got the Joke says:

    Apparently you didn’t…

  20. Twattage Cheese says:

    Nice! First!

  21. The Entire Male Population says:




  22. Bill Clinton says:

    That is a Big Freaken Deal

  23. Sportin Wood says:

    that is simply amazing..is this a celeb or some random, and extremely hot, hot, hot woman?

  24. This girl is hot says:

    Can someone please tell me who is that girl in the ad of breakmedia panel in the main page of holytaco? Is a tease that ht put an ad panel in front of her.

    Damn you holytaco!!

  25. DonkeyXote says:


    I’ll take Nicolas Cage in a leather outfit over her any day of the week.