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Big Ass Showdown: Nicki Minaj vs. Kim Kardashian

Nicki Minaj Butt
The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards happened last night. As usual, controversy abounds. But this time, it’s not the result of Kanye West’s typical shenanigans. No, this time around, it’s a debate about ass.
Specifically, the debate is about whether or not hip hop newcomer Nicki Minaj rocks ass implants. Apparently, that’s a thing now. Fake ass. Who knew?
At any rate, we decided to investigate. And by "investigate" we mean "compare a bunch of pictures of Nicki Minaj’s ass and Kim Kardashian’s ass." The results…may shock you.
Unless you’re expecting 25 pictures of gigantic dumpers, in which case, you shouldn’t be surprised in the least.

Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt
Nicki Minaj Butt
Kim Kardashian Butt

53 Responses to "Big Ass Showdown: Nicki Minaj vs. Kim Kardashian"

  1. Mmmmm sexy sexy says:

    Both asses are fake, its clear as day!! But they look pretty rediculous… thats like a hippo ass right there :-O Peachy, shapely and purt will ALWAYS beat a huge fat ass that needs tight clothing and “miracle knickers” to smooth out the cellulite and lumps. Ewwwwwww!

  2. DisAster says:

    Both Beautiful Booties but Imma go with Miss Minaj…That ass is just Phenomenal to me…but hey Imma Ass Man…(Billy Gunn Moment)

  3. Dreamie K. says:

    I noticed that Nicki Minaj butt is way bigger than Kim Kardashian’s. It’s funny how most African American girls butts are bigger than other race’s. You can put a Black girl next to any race of girl that haves a big butt, and that Black girl is still going to have the bigger butt. Black chicks rule!

  4. you'reright says:

    yeah, pale flat pancake asses are soooooooooo much hotter!

  5. haha_your_gay... says:

    rotf lawlz

  6. haha_your_gay... says:

    bush rod is hella gay

  7. slim shady aka eminem says:

    stop hatinfg nicki minaj ass pple its real i felt it alredy.

  8. insomnia_79 says:

    I’d buy that for a doller…

  9. Salute2ASS says:

    Honestly, I have no doubts that Nicki’s ass is an implant, but.., and I mean this from the heart: WHO GIVES A FUCK?! I’d still enthusiastically impregnate both her and Kim. These are two amazingly gorgeous women, anyone who doesn’t think so is a hater bitch or a flamin’ faggot!!

  10. bush rod says:

    hell ye i tapped that 2

  11. bush rod says:

    whoever is fucking them bitches r lucky if i had the chance to hit them id ask for it at the same damn time

  12. bush rod says:

    i would stick my 16 inch cock in the mouth den da wet pussy then ask for the sweet ass UUUUMMMMM i would ask them to suck my gorgetuwant cock then giv them a deep throat wit my dick

  13. bush rod says:

    shit mor dan dat bout 20 got damn id eat da pussy

  14. youngrizzy01 says:

    son, they both bad and yes ppl we know, there hoes but hey smbdy gotta do it I wud smash any day i think alot of yall girls just hate cuz they just hustle more then u do and u wanna b them

  15. Soda Riban says:

    You gotta have that cellulite to make an ass an ASS.

  16. Your Mama says:


  17. DonkMasterGeneral says:

    Are you clearly blind. Every picture of Nicky Minaj (Dumb Stage name by the way)… Her ass looks clumpy like she is wearing a diaper or something. It probably would have cottage cheese\cellulite if you seen her bare ass. Kim Kardashian is prettier and her ass is a nicer kind of big.

    I am betting that they both can make that shit clap !!!!

  18. CBO says:

    Clearly Gay…. with a small weenie. I don’t blame you. You could not even reach the promised land with that 4 incher.

  19. My2cents says:

    Damn!! I’m sure a guy would need at least 8 inches of dick to be able to successfully ‘hit that’. Anything less would just tickle them..

  20. DreamaBelieva says:

    If you honestly think that nicki’s booty is nasty then you got major issues. That shit is beautiful and you probably all have flat assed girlfriends who are ugly as fuck and your a bunch of haters. Curvy is sexy nobody wants to fuck a board, so i say this to you miss minaj go head and keep doin yer thing mami. Your ass is beautiful along with the rest of your body

  21. Klan'sRedDragon says:

    hey Rod, you type like a fucking Nigger. learn to speak, then when you leave “da’ projects” you’ll be accepted into our educated world of not collecting food stamps…… boot lip.

  22. stevep says:

    fap fap fap fap

  23. Cash Flow says:

    Nicki minaj is the best she is black fine and has a gorgeous ass i love that girl. But i wanna know whos pussy is hitting the best?

  24. Anonymous 234 says:

    yall are fucken stupid, stop hatin on these girls, u prolly dont even look as good as they do thats why. get a life, and stop being so damn judgmental shit, if there asses are fake thats they bidness, all i know big asses are sexy, max sex appeal if its just right. so stfu haters.

  25. Billy-Bob says:

    fatty ghettoasses both. no thanks.

  26. buffalo phil says:

    i dont know about ya but i say nicki and kim are both beautiful ladies that have sexy big booties wit unbelievable bodys, i wouldnt choose between them, i would rather take them both in my two arms…..

  27. kennykenn says:

    does size really matter I have 5and half inches.but i am cute can i get Nikki or Kim or any lady with a ass like them

  28. fuck all your dumbshit says:

    pinky the porn star puts both their asses to shame….

  29. a guy can dream says:

    soon there asses will form a whole separate species and they will feast on the all peoples asses

  30. RR KOOL J says:

    Nikki Minaj is the Queen. She will look like that when she’s an older babe, firm, elastic, pure beauty. Kim is pretty but certainly not built like the queen and she will look real bad when she ages,without cosmetic surgeries and botox. Comparing Nikki Minaj to kim is like comparing Beyonce to paris hilton…….

    • Sorgasm says:

      I would give it a good ole go at getting my meat through either bun. Even if Nikki is a BUTTERFACE at best.

  31. elitepower says:

    Nikki got the best ass

  32. shits mcgee says:

    amen brother

  33. asdasder says:

    I found Nicki Minaj sex tape on this cool site http://allcelebs4u.com/nicki-minaj-sex-tape/

  34. God's left nut says:

    this is not even close kim is hot and the other girl is ugly and has a fat ass not a hot ass and ugly face

  35. Asshole Hair says:

    Agree Completely

  36. haha_your_gay... says:

    gay ftw

  37. Roderick says:

    Or gay..

  38. I am best says:

    True dat

  39. Rick says:

    Both of these asses make me want to puke. But hey, I’m white.

  40. CBO says:

    Clearly Gay…. with a small weenie. I don’t blame you. You could not even reach the promised land with that 4 incher.

  41. haha_your_gay... says:

    so it would make more sense for kim to win. shes white for crying out loud.

  42. The_Beast says:

    of course Nicki is going to win she is black for crying out loud……but thats alright I’ll do ether one

  43. bush rod says:

    i stuck my non diseased cock in dat

  44. Your Mama says:

    As long as they weren’t with your diseased ass, I think the world is safe.

  45. Spirk says:

    Both are gross skanks, anyone who wants sloppy seconds to the diseased cocks that these girls have had inside them, by all means.

  46. dildozer says:


  47. coma says:

    and the winner is, nelly furtado. kim kardashians face is fucked

  48. Puff says:

    A pox on you sir!

  49. CBO says:

    small weener….shhhhh

  50. eBay Secrets says:

    Nicki wins the battle that no one should want to win.

  51. Critter says:

    i’m glad these award shows are actually good for something.

  52. Bazinga says:

    Nikki’s looks like it could be fake. Kim’s is better. Nikki may also be a lesbian, so there’s that.