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Bikini Car Wash – A Gallery

Nothing says summer or desperate high school dance team quite like the bikini car wash, so please enjoy this gallery of dirty girls cleaning dirty cars.


46 Responses to "Bikini Car Wash – A Gallery"

  1. Arinze mario says:

    God!!! I love this web site,hot girls with fat boobs and ass.BETTER THAN NIGERIAN CHICKS


    the fat chick at the end is probably the only real american chick in the whole slide show

  3. ETompk says:

    nice cars+hot chicks= a happy man

  4. nate says:

    Everytime… I always know there’s going to be a fucked up pic at the bottom… And I dread it the entire time… I’m always like “Wow, these chicks are hot, but I wonder what the last pics gonna be… I really don’t want to see it… I wonder how far down it is… I really should just scroll back up, and avoid it… But I can’t break my gaze… FUCK!” Its like a freaking train wreck… You know you shouldn’t look, its terrible, but you can’t move your head away…

  5. asdf says:

    fat chicks need love too, and they are so generousmirc download

  6. haley says:

    why is there a fat woman at the end and these are some sexy stuff bring me more i am gay to woman im attracted to woman.

  7. Meeep. says:

    at least 4 of the girls on this list are pornstars

  8. daniel says:

    y the hell would someone do this

  9. kingdingaling says:

    fat chicks need love too, and they are so generous

  10. Not gonna lie on that last pic.. says:

    I fapped.

  11. BRONZED AUSSIE says:


  12. sexy girl says:

    all of them is so sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  13. lik balz aussie says:

    stoppin hating on the U.S. get a passport and come live here like all the other backwards aussies and foreigners i have to deal with in new york. what the fuk does australia have to offer? oh yeah Crocadile Dundee, should of been an oscar award winning film. Good day mayte… mayte as apposed to MATE, cause of ur retarted accent….

  14. chris says:

    f..k m.

  15. shafeek says:

    very nice and very care flly and enjoying
    but not for get he is life

  16. abbas odabasi says:

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  17. abbas odabasi says:

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  18. Anonymoussk says:

    did that last girl just eat all the other ones? 0_0

  19. Sahasrahla says:

    Nah, they used to be regular pants but then she ate a whole bucket of fried chicken and the thighs exploded Incredible Hulk style.

  20. newguy says:


  21. Alfred Nonymous says:

    I hate to be that guy, but that last picture looks fake. I mean, where the fuck would you find shorts that wide?

  22. philosopher says:

    (except for the last picture)


  23. philosopher says:

    actually I’m not. but its no surprise that your wrong, its genetic in your family, like your parents being wrong to not get an abortion

    -the original philosopher who is being unwisely underestimated

  24. lolwutanoob says:

    You’re just some dumb shit posting comments on sexy girls at a car wash. There’s no way you could ever compare to the actual great philosophers. lol What a fail this guy is.

  25. philospher says:

    Ok I lied. I am gay.

  26. philosophopher says:

    Hey, here’s some trivia.

    Did you all know that I have Labia Flaps on my face the size of elephant ears?

  27. philosopher says:

    and he died, laughing at the ignorance at his enemies. that’s the way I want to die; giving a maniacal laugh, my hands giving the middle finger, and your wife’s/girlfriend’s/sister’s/mom’s/daughter’s spit on my cock
    true he didn’t exactly die that way, but Its the way I want to die
    either that, or die as a suicide bomber, blowing up a nazi rally

    -the original philosopher

  28. Hu NgLow says:

    Holy crap, he’s still there…. you know what they did to the last “great” philosopher? They made him drink hemlock… because they couldn’t stand him… if only we had some….

  29. Philosopussy says:

    God your so gay.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I suggest you change your tampon, princess, because the chick in the last picture is the only one you’d have even a remote shot with.

  31. gross says:

    love it…

  32. critter says:

    a stripper car wash? brilliant!!

  33. Political spoof meister says:

    Either you’re really really Left or not Right ¿¡

  34. Exile says:

    The last pic proves that Adolf Obama’s Economy has forced Hitlery Clinton’s body-double to get a part time job at a car wash.

    So sad.

  35. Anon. says:

    So im not the only one that noticed!

  36. Sahasrahla says:

    Because porn stars have the sluttiest car washes.

  37. Jesus Criminy says:

    why are most of these pictures full of pornstars?

    not that im complaining!

  38. NassT says:

    He wasn’t actually beating off. He just didn’t want his roommate to think he was.

  39. Bosco says:

    Why wouldn’t you just beat off to porn? Does your Mom have a block on porn sites or something?

  40. Brandy. says:

    love it

  41. Anonymousekateer says:

    Inner monologue of guy looking at a Holy taco gallery.

    “wow either a hot chick or an equally cool picture. Ok I’ll click this.”
    “Wow this page is loading really slow, at least I get to look at the first picture a little longer. Damn now the screens white, oh nope the stupid looking angry taco just appeared. Before the pictures load, I wonder how the fine folks over at the religious mexican food are going to fuck everything up with the last picture? Im guessing some kind of morbidly obese girl. Oh thats not nice you know youd probably do her anyways. Oh good the page is loaded, lets take one more short glance at the first pic, nice. Should I read the description? no, its a gallery you tard, look at the damn pictures. Sweet that girls hot, oh crap im starting to get turned on. Shit I hope nobody is around. looks clear, another hot chick doing things, then another. This boner is really starting to press against my jeans, I should unzip my pants. Oh there are two in this pic. The last pic is coming pretty soon, remember look away and switch tabs you can close it later. Another hot girl. I wish my girlfriend looked like that, except then she wouldnt be my girl friend anymore. talk about a catch 44 or is it 22, I guess Ill split the difference and call it a 33. Hey what do you know another hot chick. Ok I bet the last picture is coming up next get ready, ah, nope, another hot chick. Shit fuck I scrolled down too far, oh yuck, gross, why is she wearing so little clothing, wait why am I still looking.”
    “Oh shit thats my roommate, dont walk in here dont walk in here, god damnit hes coming. my pants are still unziped, stand up and zip quick before he gets here, to slow hes standing at my door. I probably should have locked that, and Im pretty sure he just glanced down at my crotch, at least that scared him off. I hope he didnt see anything, Ill just glance down to take a look. yup My dicks peeking out of my boxers. Ok now where was I, that heinous last picture is still on the screen. wait did he think I was beating off to fat girls, wait come back look at the beginning of the page. Ill just leave this on and maybe he will come back in, no I could just send him the link to the page, problem solved.”

    True story

  42. rachel says:

    what! getting to see that last picture is like opening a christmas present from your semi-insane grandma/aunt. you know its not gonna be good, but you just cant wait to see how far they’ve gone.

  43. crookswood says:

    lol the last picture always kills me
    keep up the good work

  44. Jay says:

    Are you kidding? the last picture was the best of the bunch….

  45. Alex says:

    oh baby, the last girl’s smile is drawing me in. I am glad she was not looking at the camera or else I might have stabbed the monitor with my dick for pleasure. she is like a tractor beam for penis.

  46. Steve says:

    At least the “thing” in the last one won’t miss a spot and take less time covering the car.