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Bill Belichick Is An Ass Man

bill belichick ass man
This photo of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick staring at an ass at an NIT basketball game leaves me with a few questions. They are, in order of importance: 1. Why is Bill staring at that dumpy ass? 2. Is Bill trying to figure out if that’s a guy’s or a girl’s ass? 3. Do you think Bill’s bright-green hat says "I Loves Me Some Ass Staring"? 4. How long did Bill stare at that ass? (I hope it was 4 minutes.) 5. Is Bill holding a pile of shit in his hands? If anyone has any answers to these questions, please let me know.

4 Responses to "Bill Belichick Is An Ass Man"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    That’s not a pile of shit, that’s his second place trophy.

  2. jonze says:

    Clearly the chick saw Belichick, and being the shit catching toilet that he (but mostly his team) is, she decided to drop trou and pop a squat, hence the “pile of shit in his hands.” Now if someone takes a shit on your lap, naturally you look up at the fleeing lap shitter in amazement…


  3. V3ryh1gh says:

    well his view looks as though hes looking down the rowe of seats

  4. FratStar34 says:

    1. He noticed the striking remsemblance between the asshole and the end of the Patriots season

    2. He knows it is a girls ass… but really deep down he is staring off wondering how he let pefection slip through his fingers

    3. Yes it does. But it also screams douchbaggery just like his cut-off sweatshirts he wears EVERYWHERE

    4. Mr. Belicheck has been staring at the ass for the last 7 years … hint hint … Tom Brady

    5. Belicheck has had his hands held open to recieve “his” superbowl trophy for months now, but with the Giants winning the Superbowl he is still in such shock his hands won’t unconfrom from that position