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Black Friday Bingo Card

Well, it’s Black Friday, the one day of the year where it’s okay for you to step on children and old people in public.  If you’re daring enough to face the hordes of shoppers today, at least take this bingo card along to keep yourself entertained.

5 Responses to "Black Friday Bingo Card"

  1. thrill seeker says:

    I love going to the mall at Black Friday just for fun. Its like running right into a tidal wave.

  2. I didn’t see any gun violence but a filled the card otherwise.

  3. Canada eh says:

    Everything else aside, this black friday phenomenon is proof enough that America blows.
    You guys actually have a day where people turn into disgusting animals so that they may save $20 dollars on a tv.


    Fuck off, Canada. with your damn syrup and your “nice weather here, eh?”

  5. George T says:

    Nothing gets less comments than bingo cards. HINT fuckin HINT.