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Blue Ribbon Goes To The Foil Dong Kid!

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12 Responses to "Blue Ribbon Goes To The Foil Dong Kid!"

  1. Greatness says:

    That’ hella of gay…. its a snake house!

  2. Firstie McFirst says:

    steal my spot huh? you’re fuckin’ dead

  3. so sorry says:

    Plz dont hurt me or threaten to hurt me I will have nightmares…

  4. Olala says:

    SLOPPY SECONDS!! and everyone below me wants to give me a rim job!

  5. HerbertKoch says:

    Would I ever!!!! Also, I’d like to know who the fuck would take their shoes off there. I don’t what kinda convention that is, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  6. Olala says:

    How are you gonna steal my tag name, le douche?

  7. Holy Fail Co. says:

    Whoever posted this picture forgot to erase the word ‘test’ above it.

  8. AARP says:

    Looks like the Greg Oden boned a turtle again.

  9. Rule Europa ! says:

    Americans ! Always good for a laugh ! :P

  10. thisgirl says:

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  11. God's left nut says:

    may bee we should get the blonde girl behind the lil fat kid in a pic of the day looks like she might have potential

  12. Superman says:

    Used ma x-ray vision to look through that fat kid and I have to go with a NO on that blonde chick !

    Unless you’re a beauty surgeon and meant potential as in “she’s gonna make me rich !” then I have to concur :D