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Boy Wonder Looking to Become Man Wonder


28 Responses to "Boy Wonder Looking to Become Man Wonder"

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh yeah that’s photoshopped. God I hate having to a professional eye this shit. But yeah the highlighted spots on the dick don’t match the natural lighting around the rest of the photo. The dumb ass should have worked on his forehead and ears instead.

  2. not the guy from the pic says:

    ha ha your comment made my day. too true. too true.

  3. Anon'ed on your mom says:

    you’re a professional asswipe.who gives a rat’s shit-splitter if it’s photoshopped? crawl back into bed with mom and tell her i said hi.

  4. g-man says:

    Yes, yes it is

  5. Anonymous says:

    does he call it the batboner?

  6. Dspayre says:

    I think Robin may be smuggling a budgie.

  7. Pierre says:

    Statutory necrophilia rape is bad, mmkay?

  8. Shizzire says:

    WTF is wrong with that kid’s cranium and lack of neck??? Is that witch old enough to touch in the bathing suit area?

  9. Dspayre says:

    I’m sure Batman’s got a repellent spray for that, Boy Wonder!

  10. Cartman says:

    No use for a utility belt, when you have utility underroos.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I know I do!

  12. Timmy! says:

    It looks like he stuffed half a head of cabbage in his pants.

  13. bry bry says:

    Guess since he became the new spokesman for Enzyte

  14. Attican says:

    So…is it wrong that I think the chick in black is kinda hot?

  15. Edwordrules says:

    Just admit you enjoyed looking at his dick for hours on end.

  16. Horny Chick says:

    You’ll be rock hard after chatting to these Horny Amateur Babes

  17. janet says:

    me and marcy do not believe in oppressive stereotype gender roles. right marcy?

  18. Paul says:

    haha since when does robin get the girls?

  19. GoochGoblin says:

    shortly after this photo was taked young robbin was arrested while tryinh to give his lollipop to an innocent little boy

  20. fingfangfoom says:

    “is that The Ultimate Nullifier in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?”

  21. JoJo, the six fingered boy says:

    Looks like Lezzie #2 forgot to take off the strap-on.

  22. chili mac says:

    nice buldge there nightwing

  23. Hot Dip says:

    That’s not a semi, her muff is THAT furry.

  24. Anonymouse says:

    Holy elephant cock, Batman!

  25. BigBen says:

    i support cosplaying no matter how ridculos or huge amounts of penis it contains.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can’t figure out whats bigger the bulge or his/her ears!

  27. Thatguypete says:

    He’s got the twig, but no berries…(I can’t believe I’m commenting on some little dry-humper’s schlong)

  28. A Different Paul says:

    This looks shopped. I can tell by the penis, and have seen many penises in my time.