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Brande Roderick

Age: 34
Where you’ve seen her: Brande Roderick is best known as her role as Leigh in "Baywatch." She is not best known for the soft core pornos she did to make ends meet before she landed the Baywatch role. She also was in Playboy a few times and actually dated Hugh Hefner for a while. Yes, the million-year-old Hugh Hefner.
Pointless quote: "I’ll take being on Baywatch over being the Prom Queen any day."

3 Responses to "Brande Roderick"

  1. Pratik says:

    Her quote is pretty redundant. Isn’t being on Baywatch pretty much the same as being the prom queen? Girls hate you and guys want to nail you like a hammer.

    P.S. Good eye, dr_brunster.

  2. dr_brunster says:

    Vagina slip!