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Bravo TV’s Next Big Hit

Finally a show on Bravo that doesn’t involve spoiled whore wives.
Meet the Toddling Football Genius (TotalProSports)
The Hottest Women on the Web (BleacherReport)
Miss USA Bikini Contest (BuzzFeed)
Mya is Really Hot (GorillaMask)
Hanina Love Needs some Love (Coed)
The Worst Action Figures of All Time (SuperTremendous)
Babies With Superpowers (Cracked)
Taryn Manning Hotness (HollywoodTuna)
Hot Girls on the Internets (DoubleViking)
The Original Playboy Mansion (MadeMan)
Say Sorry to Koscheck (CagePotato)

10 Responses to "Bravo TV’s Next Big Hit"

  1. GoFuckYourself says:

    It’d be great if fred savage got raped

  2. Takashi Akashi Takahashi says:

    Charlie is the rapist. The waitress should already know.

  3. GG Allin says:

    Dude you can see Charlie Day from It’s always sunny in philadelphia, and thats his wife i believe! i love that show. Fred savage produced that show as well i believe. And that looks great too. But it’s always sunny is the shit.

  4. pratik says:

    Now THIS is a fuckin show.

  5. k2 incense says:

    Hahaha awesome!

  6. office jerk, says:

    i would watch that

  7. King Rapist says:

    That’s mah boy!

  8. Dwight K. Schrute says:


    There won’t be any law suits coming from this show. I’m just saying…

  9. Token White Guy says:

    Fred Savage is the man!!! I would watch this show every week.

  10. Austin Powers says:

    Moley, moley, moley, moley!