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5 Responses to "Breaking News"

  1. Anonymous says:

    He oughta fuck that chick on the desk right now. What are they going to do, fire him?

  2. shartfelch says:

    i would rip that bitch’s clothes off, spread her ass cheeks open, zoom in the camera so close you could see her ass hair, then fuck the shit outta that ass. literally. then i’d smear it on her mouth. that’s called a dirty sanchez, boys and girls.

  3. K-nuck says:

    Apparently not everyone at the Christmas party thought it was funny.

  4. teddeb says:

    ohh Shittt, hmmm

  5. Socks & Sandals says:

    It’s all Kidd Chris’s fault that Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane were fired.