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Favre Injures Perfect Elbow, Handsome Shoulder

The collective shart you heard last night came from the tiny, football-loving town of Green Bay. After smashing his elbow on Nate Jones’ helmet, football’s Captain America suffered nerve damage in his throwing arm and dislocated his non-throwing shoulder all in one cheesemind-blowing play. The nerve damage caused him to lose feeling in his hand (you masturbatory aficionados will know this as the “Western Stranger”) and sidelined him for the rest of the game. Will this end his streak of 249 straight starts? Only waiting 10 days and watching 400 ESPN montages of Brett “playing like a kid/gunslinger/while shitting golden unicorns” will tell. 

5 Responses to "Favre Injures Perfect Elbow, Handsome Shoulder"

  1. yodawg says:

    Finally Favre is seen for what he really is. A punk ass sucker

  2. Brostania says:

    Sorry Green Bay, it’s midnight and your cariage is back to a pumpkin.

  3. Rextasy says:

    As a Bears fan, this photo is like porn to me.

  4. Sean says:

    Favre is the best =)
    nothing can stop him from starting that next game (the the Packers won) haha, Keep on dreaming guys

  5. Anonymous says:

    bret favre’s plane crashed into a valcano at 280 mph he was burned up to his waist in lava!!!! he is listed as probable for this sunday’s game