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Bruce Willis Should Just Become a Cop At This Point

(thanks to our friends at Maxim.com for creating this epic masterpiece.)

7 Responses to "Bruce Willis Should Just Become a Cop At This Point"

  1. pratik says:

    Was Striking Distance the one where he’s with Horseface?

  2. Bill Clinton says:

    Yes it was and fucked horse-face when hillary was in Japan.

  3. cough/cool says:

    best i can tell you is go to the garillamask.com link, then click on the topless, or try baberoll.com.

  4. assnonymous says:

    dude, i just want some really really really good porn with a chick riding reverse cowgirl so i can fap till i lose every ounce of any kind of fluid in my body. can someone please just give that to me? thats all i want…..please.

  5. poop says:


  6. xXCritical-MassXx says:

    FIRST!!! Oh damnit, 3rd f@#K!!!

  7. cough/cool says: