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The Butter Face Test

We’re all familiar with the Butter Face, but how grisly does a lady’s mug have to be before you decide, "I just can’t do it."  Well, we decided to put the challenge to you, and we took incredibly hot bikini models, and replaced their faces, with the faces of some of today’s strangest looking male actors.  So, would you.. ya know… do ‘em?
Miss Eastwood
Miss Pacino
Miss Gottfried


Mrs. McKellan

Miss DeNiro
Miss Murray
Mrs. Allen

Miss MacGowan
Mrs. Brimley
Miss Richards
Miss Busey

24 Responses to "The Butter Face Test"

  1. George says:


  2. pratik says:

    The last one has an outie belly button… just saying.

  3. Just Trying To Help says:

    Xote echo….FUCKING LAME! I guess Jason had to go 6,000 miles to traffic court so this shit ended up on HT…I gotta remember that fucked up line when I do a total FAIL at work.

    “Mr. Eldon (the BOSS), I had to go to traffic school because I’m too stupid to observe the traffic laws, and I’ve failed to control the costs in my department because of that fact…I guess if I wasn’t here I can’t very well be held responsible for this sack of shit….right? I will be keeping my job, correct?…Mr. Eldon….Mr. Eldon…?”

  4. Salad Days says:

    I think a better test would be if you put faces of male celebrities on these chicks who aren’t 60+ years old and haggard looking.

    For the record, though, I’d do Ms. Gotfried

  5. Phil Jones says:

    I would pull each and everyone one of their dentures out and suck their cocks with it. Brimley is the hottest! Nothing like some diabetes love juice squirting into my mouth and down my throat! Mmmmm! Fuckers!

  6. DonkeyXote says:

    Fucking lame

  7. Blizzard says:

    That’s why god invented paper bags. You think they were just made to hold your groceries???

  8. DonkeyXote says:

    Now, THAT was fucking lame!!

  9. Jim Deeno says:

    Wow, thats some serious shooping talent! Amaazing!


  10. Dee Snuts says:


  11. American Idol Judge says:

    Yes, No, Yes if wasted, Yes, No due to tat, No, Probably, Hell No, Hell Yes, No, Yes.

  12. Butter says:

    Ms. DeNiro is good enough but i’ll rather cut their heads and then fuck the corpses…

  13. CrackerCracker says:

    God I fucking hate reposts.

  14. justin says:
    I wish you would’ve said something earlier. You could’ve gone to traffic court 100 miles away for me so I could stay here and work on something new/hilarious.
  15. Spamoney says:

    Butterface? ButterAss! = http://bit.ly/clNbbd

  16. yur mom says:

    Damn… I would fuckin’ wreck Ms. Busy and Ms. Eastwood at the same time.

  17. Bob says:

    You are a dumb ass. (I thought about explaining how you are wrong but it is not worth it, so I settled with my previous statement.)

  18. Cracker says:

    God I fucking hate Gary Busey. I almost want to stop coming to this site period because they seem to like posting him so much. He’s so worthless, he should be wiped from the earth.

  19. viktor says:

    Fucking Re-post. bring back the facebook celebrity status. that at least was funny.

  20. nitpicker says:

    Diddnt you guys alredy post this? I remember becaus i saved the Gary Busey pick so i could jack off to it.

  21. Ann T Christ says:

    I would fuck the chick with Gary Busey face but the real Gary Busey once got me sooo high on ‘ludes and wine and when I woke up BAM i had anal warts..True Story!!
    *repost as well homos*

  22. Wilford Brimley says:

    I’d like to talk to you about diabeeeeetus. Also, this is yet another repost.

  23. Ben Affleck says:


    Every one of them walked out of a Richard D James video.
    I would window lick none of that!

  24. MaxSpain says:

    The first one just looks like Steve Nash in a bikini.