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Cage Potato MMA FightPicker Game

Our friends over at Cage Potato have developed a one-of-kind MMA prediction game, currently in it’s beta testing phase, called MMA Fight Picker. It’s set to launch this Monday and we’re positive you’re going to love it for one simple reason: "Potato Chips"
Settle down, fatty. It’s not an actual potato chip give-a-way. Here’s what you do:
- Go to http://fightpicker.cagepotato.com/mmafightpicker/intro. Siging in is easy and less of a pain in the ass than commenting on Holy Taco, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can even use your Facebook login.
-Here’s the exciting Potato Chip part. You start with 20 "Potato Chips". We realise in the real world, that’s probably less than a bag full. Not here, here 20 Potato chips are a big deal. The Potato Chips are a virtual currency (that’s probably better than real money) that you can use to wager on the weekend’s upcoming fights. To get started, just click on one of the open pools.
- After you’ve clicked on the open pool, make your selections. It’s that easy.
Give it a try, and don’t blame us for not getting any work done today; this time it was Cage Potato’s fault.

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  1. Donkey? OK! says:

    Who’s yer daddy bitches?

    I AM!

  2. ur mom's master says:

    that’s exactly wat i told ur mom lastnight