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Can Someone Do Something About Safety Video Budgets

Why are videos that are supposed to be about preventing serious injury always so hilarious? Can whoever is in charge of paying for these maybe allocate more the $37 to the these budgets? Actually, nevermind. These videos are awesome just the way they are.

15 Responses to "Can Someone Do Something About Safety Video Budgets"

  1. todders says:

    Fuck the budget, they just need to make a safety video PERIOD for the Dangers of the DICK DONUT:

    (this shit is hilarious but NSFW!!)


  2. RussAsHell says:

    I’m not gonna lie and say that the video gave me a boner, but…

    It certainly didn’t make me lose the one I already had.

  3. Monica Hamburg says:

    Awesome. Should be shown as a double feature with the schlock horror film, “My Bloody Valentine”.

    Have you seen Prevent-it’s most disturbing (read: funny) ads? Here they have some budget and decide having the dead lecture people is a viable scare tactic.


  4. walker says:

    that was fucking gruesome

  5. Random Asshole says:

    This has made my favorites list. Any time I am feeling down, I watch this. Absolutely hilarious. Reminds of me of the dangerous driving videos I watched in driver’s ed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think we watched this in school or something, or I probably just watched it online in school while I supposed to be doing work.

    Yeah that sounds about right…

  7. Anil Dikshit says:

    jebus that was disturbing

  8. Claynoid says:

    Id love to see the sex.ed video edition

  9. Pierre says:

    That was fucking rad. A guy working at a wharf i worked at had done something similar to the barrel welding dude. he was demolishing a ginormous holding tank for a bunker boat, from the inside. All that was left of the tank was a pancake of .25″ steel/ Him? Welding equipment? nothing.

  10. DueceOnYoFoHead says:

    shit. That nail in the eye would suck. Thats it, im getting a safe office job, and throwing all the staplers and sharp things in the garbage. No pencils for me, ill fingerpaint everythin mother fucka.

  11. RoboPanda says:

    What was the black guy doing that was so unsafe, other than being black in a movie?

  12. Al Frank says:

    See? Being unemployed don’t look so bad now does it?

  13. wag says:

    that woman’s foot that got run over by the fork lift popped like a tick! Awesome!

  14. dane says:

    holy crap…that was better than most movies that come out today…if you ever find it there is a fork lift video where a guy gets stabbed in the face with a fork lift…and another guy drives one into the ocean! who knew safety was so awesome?

  15. Josh M says:

    that was actually a really good safety video.