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Carmen Electra Gets Ring

I always thought, if you banged one musician who wore eye-liner, you pretty much banged them all.  Or, at least that’s what my grandfather always used to say towards the end of his  life when he got sort of bat shit crazy.  But, apparently Carmen Electra never talked to my grandpa.  She’s engaged and she’s sporting a new ring.  People.com reports:

Third time should be the charm for Carmen Electra , as evidenced by the rockstar-sized ring she was sporting Thursday night.

“It’s a black diamond, perfect for us,” Electra tells PEOPLE. “Different , it’s our style.”

The only thing I know about diamonds I learned in the trailer for the movie Blood Diamond.  From the looks of it, the movie was a wacky romantic comedy about Leo Dicaprio hiring the dude from Amistad find him the perfect diamond for his wife and hilarity ensues.  Anyway, I guess finding a great diamond is really tough to do because there was a lot of explosions.  Either way, there was nothing in the trailer about black diamonds, so they couldn’t be that cool.  I think if she really wanted to do something different, she would have gotten a ring like this:

5 Responses to "Carmen Electra Gets Ring"

  1. blake williams says:

    I was at this party last night. It was thrown by maxim and dos equis. i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many douchers walking around at one event in my entire life. Collars were not meant to be up. Carmen was quite stunning though.

  2. Assman says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize she was marrying the son or younger brother of Gary Oldman. He looks like a douche and as usual she looks like a dish!!

  3. newt says:

    I wondered what happened to the youngest kid from “Eight is Enough”. Apparently he grew up to have a big enough unit to take over where Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro left off.

  4. George says:

    The poor bastard.