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The Time I Had to Hide From a Delivery Driver


We live in a world of under appreciated wonders. The very fact we’re all connected to each other right now across the internet s nothing short of amazing. And only slightly less amazing is the fact that, if I want a pizza, I can just cal someone...

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Holy Taco Revists Manti Te’o's Imaginary Girlfriend


Remember early in 2013 when football punchline Manti Te’o made headlines for sustaining a long term relationship with a girl who never existed?

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25 Ways To Get Walking Dead Back on Track


It’s October and that means zombies, I think. Anyway, as The Walking Dead brings on season 4 after much griping from fans like me in Season 3, I have some words of wisdom that no one asked for on how to make the show the hit it’s supposed to be.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: October 4th


Last week the box office was owned by Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, just as I predicted. I think. I dunno, I’m not going to check. Sounds like something I would have predicted.

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Underused Sexting Abbreviations


Sexting is such a way of life now that politicians legitimately think they can do it and then run for office without being held accountable for it. Silly politicians. For the rest of us it’s just the natural evolution of phone sex, itself the nat...

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5 Socially Acceptable Hatreds


Once, a long time ago, we have to assume the world was a veritable Shangri La of hatred. People hated whoever they wanted whenever they wanted. Gays? Hate ‘em. Asians? Hate ‘em. Jews? Hate ‘em. Midgets? Hate! As time progressed we develo...

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4 Things I Was Sure Were Going to Kill Me As A Child


I lived a rather panic-free childhood as far as such things go. I didn’t have regular fears, I don’t think, I enjoyed intense horror movies from a young age, I liked being alone in the dark, things were OK. But that didn’t mean I didn’t suffer m...

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The 25 Best Synonyms for Ass


Everyone likes ass, right? From felons to rappers to felonious rappers, you can’t go wrong with some heiny. But it grows tiresome when you can’t think of a new way to call it to someone’s attention to their superior turd cutter. Until now! Nex...

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Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: September 27th


I think I missed this last week due to almost dying, but no time to reminisce, it’s time to see what movies are coming out this week to entertain the masses!

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Celebrity To Do Lists


What the heck do celebrities do all day anyway?

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