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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: August 23rd


Last week I cheaped you on reviews because, well, I was on vacation. I’m not doing this when I’m on vacation, why would I? So this week we’ll get back into the nitty gritty of judging movies based solely on their names and maybe their posters or...

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The 4 Best Possible Plotlines for the Movie Squirrels


In case you hadn’t heard, Timur Bekmambetov, the mad Russian behind Wanted and Night Watch, is producing a new film called Squirrels. It’s a horror movie. It’s about squirrels.

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25 Things I Experienced on My Vacation in a Tourist Trap


Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: August 16th


Guess what? I’m on vacation. I’m not really going to see any of these movies this weekend because I will be in a casino up to my nuts in alcohol and terrible decisions. Hi-yo!

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Holy Taco Interviews Hodor


August is winding down and we’ve been without the thrill of Game of Thrones for some months now. Have you forgotten how much you love the show? Have you been cutting yourself awaiting its return? Have you touched yourself whilst thinking of me?...

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The Best GIF Loops I’m Posting Today


It’s GIFs! Enjoy them!

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5 People I’d Like to Lose a Fight To


There are some people in the world that you’d like to square off against, not out of anger or malice, but out of respect and wonder. People you want to challenge because you respect who they are and what they can do and you know you won’t even de...

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25 Better Show Ideas Than a Wizard of Oz Medical Drama


Word is that CBS is adapting a medical drama based on the Wizard of Oz. You may recall that the Wizard of Oz has as much to do with doctors as this website has to do with not making fun of dumbass ideas like adapting medical dramas from The Wizar...

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Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: August 9th


So we’re powering into August and that means a heady mix of the leftover summer blockbusters and a number of movies no one loved when they were growing up. It’s fun, you’ll like it. Last week 2 Guns took the top spot, I suspect because logic dic...

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Where do Pics on the Internet Come From


Yesterday I received a legal notice about a photo on Holy Taco. Some gentleman apparently owned said photo and was not amused that we were hosting said photo. We didn’t have permission to use said photo. It was illegal. Copyright infringement....

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