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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: August 30th


Quick, before looking, name a movie that opens this week. Yeah, you can’t because jack shit opens this week. This is the weirdest thing ever. Usually there’s at least one movie every week that is the “big” release, you know? Not this week. Ev...

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10 Books for the Insane


I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be insane. I don’t mean minor league insane, like my family, but big ol’ crazy insane, like people who yell at pots and pans and hear voices and maybe try to build living meat statues for the...

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The Thrill of Outrage


When I was in university, I went to a party one night at a friend’s house. It was a keg party, there were lots of people and I got so drunk I sat in the parking lot of the dry cleaner’s next door drooling such a massive puddle at my own feet peop...

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Things That Miley Cyrus’ Butt Looks Like


By now you’re aware that Miley Cyrus somehow both carefully and sloppily orchestrated a massive campaign to get everyone to talk about her ass. All it took was a mediocre song, creepy imagery and the worst wardrobe ever. And now I present ...

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25 Ideas for the Next Warcraft Expansion


Rumors have already begun swirling that Blizzard, grandaddy of MMO game playing and creators of World of Warcraft are going to release details of their 5th expansion to their hugely popular game this fall at Blizzcon.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: August 23rd


Last week I cheaped you on reviews because, well, I was on vacation. I’m not doing this when I’m on vacation, why would I? So this week we’ll get back into the nitty gritty of judging movies based solely on their names and maybe their posters or...

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The 4 Best Possible Plotlines for the Movie Squirrels


In case you hadn’t heard, Timur Bekmambetov, the mad Russian behind Wanted and Night Watch, is producing a new film called Squirrels. It’s a horror movie. It’s about squirrels.

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25 Things I Experienced on My Vacation in a Tourist Trap


Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: August 16th


Guess what? I’m on vacation. I’m not really going to see any of these movies this weekend because I will be in a casino up to my nuts in alcohol and terrible decisions. Hi-yo!

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Holy Taco Interviews Hodor


August is winding down and we’ve been without the thrill of Game of Thrones for some months now. Have you forgotten how much you love the show? Have you been cutting yourself awaiting its return? Have you touched yourself whilst thinking of me?...

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