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4 More Bad Ass Ways the Pope Could Impress Us


The Catholic Church is enjoying an unprecedented time in its history thanks to one man – Pope Francis. Unlike the last two Popes, Pope Francis actually seems like a guy who wants to use his influence to make the world a better place. It’s ironic ...

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Your Christmas Party Playlist


Now is the time for malls, outlet stores and shitty, shitty radio stations to assault your ears with seasonal vitriol. According to science, a man can only listen to a cover of Santa Baby three times before a large portion of the brain turns to mu...

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25 Things The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Needed


So confident am I that AMC misfired on this episode, I’m actually writing this article two hours before it airs. I’m that good . I am going to tell you all the things you didn’t see that you needed to see, and wanted to see, and should have seen...

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving GIFs


Because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without GIFs.

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Kanye West’s 2014 To Do List


Kanye West is a busy man. He has to refer to himself as a god in a non-ironic way during interviews. He has to simulate sex with his girlfriend in terrible music videos. He has to interrupt awards shows (which he was doing well before the Taylo...

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Naming Superheroes According to B-List Character Rules


If you’ve spent any time reading comic books, watching comic book movies or enjoy the myriad of comic book cartoons, odds are you’re passingly familiar with superheroes and their alternate identities. I would wager all of you know that Batman’s r...

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25 Names You Can Use If You Ever Get Into Porn


Choosing a porn star name is an art and most people are not artists. Have you ever used one of those porn star name apps or tricks, like where you combine the name of the street you grew up on with the name of your first pet? And one person on e...

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Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen Yet: Nov 22nd


We missed last week due to a technical problem and we may as well miss this week because you know who’s making all the money, but hey, let’s make fun of the movies no one is going to see this weekend.

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What Ever Happened to Holy Taco’s Ex-Employees?


As some of you have noticed, this entire site is run by me, Ian Fortey, and it has been for a while now. But it wasn’t always so. Holy Taco has previously been run by a team of highly skilled comedy luminaries and doctors with PhDs in hilarity (...

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Advice for the Poor and Hungry This Holiday Season


McDonalds cares about its employees as demonstrated on its McResources website. Because many of its employees don’t earn the money required to have a nice Thanksgiving, or really live a decent life, they offer up some simple solutions for combati...

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