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The Complete Mental Breakdown of a Restaurant Owner


If you don’t watch Kitchen Nightmares you’ve missed out on something remarkable in the last week, something that has boiled over from TV and into social media and, presumably, a mental asylum somewhere in Arizona as the owners of a res...

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25 Things You Shouldn’t Have Done for Mother’s Day


Why not write this article before Mother’s Day so you could avoid all of this stuff? Because this about regret and you don’t regret things you didn’t screw up yet, you regret the ones you screwed up badly. If you did any of this yesterday, feel ...

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: May 10th


Last week, predictable, Iron Man 3 made all the money ever. According to Box Office Mojo it now holds the #2 spot for the greatest gap in box office take between the top grossing film and the second top grossing film in the same week. Iron Man 3...

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The 4 Best Dreams to Lucid Dream


A company called Bitbanger Labs has created the Remee, a sleep mask that purports to give you lucid dreams. A lucid dream, of course, is a dream in which you are conscious and aware of dreaming. This mask, then, turns your head into Inception an...

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5 Things I Never Want To See a Ghost Do Again


I’ve mentioned my distaste for ghosts in horror movies before bit I feel like the message really needs to be clarified. I just found out Paranormal Activity 5 comes out this year and, frankly, I’m absolutely disgusted. God, those are bad movies....

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7 Kinds of Pet Videos on Youtube


The internet is a solid 70% pet videos, the rest of it is useless government websites, flash games, porn, Holy Taco, and instructional videos on DIY home projects. People just really love uploading millions of inane pet videos and all of them gene...

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25 Other Iron Men That Iron Man 3 Needed


If you saw Iron Man 3 this weekend, you noticed it’s packed to the gills with Iron Men. There’s the new Mark 42 armor, and Iron Patriot armor, an aquatic suit, a Brute suit made for lifting, Asgardian Destroyer armor and a whole bunch of others. ...

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It’s Cinco de Mayo: Sink some Miracle Whip!


Being a vaguely Mexican-themed website as we are, obviously we’re going to do something for Cinco de Mayo. Thing is it’s Saturday and we never do anything on Saturday because we’re usually under house arrest on weekends.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: May 3rd


What a joke of an article this is going to be, in stark contrast to the usual seriousness of a series that solely exists for me to judge movies I have never and in most cases will never watch. That said, this week is especially delightful because...

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What To Do With a GoPro Camera


Some years ago I was given a GoPro camera and I promptly forgot I owned it and put it away somewhere only to just recently find it again. It’s a GoPro Hero HD 960 camera and its main purpose seems to be to take video from your POV while you dive ...

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