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15 Things You Should Do Now That True Detective Is Over


1. Stare at this GIF for ten minutes, while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

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Chelsea Handler’s Twitter F*ck-Up, And Other Racist Tweets That Failed Hard


Can we all agree that Chelsea Handler should go back to Africa?

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Taking Upskirt Photos of Strangers Is Now Legal in Massachusetts, Apparently


“Upskirting” is the time-honored practice of pointing a camera under an unsuspecting lady’s skirt and taking a photo. I’m going to assume you guys already knew that.

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23 Serious Questions Raised by the Existence of BroApp


When technology allows us more convenience and efficiency at the expense of genuine humanity, is that progress?

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The Eight Best ‘South Park’ Video Game Episodes of All Time


To honor the South Park gang’s latest achievement with The Stick of Truth, I’ve taken it upon myself to catalog and rank the show’s video game-centric episodes so you f*cking noobs will still have something to complain about on this joyous day.

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King Joffrey, Carl Grimes, And Five More Hate-Worthy TV Characters We’d Like to Kick Down a Flight of Stairs


I don’t know anyone who loves Game of Thrones who doesn’t want to see Joffrey die. Like, painfully. Like, right now.

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‘Attractive Convict’ Meme-Girl Meagan Simmons Sues InstantCheckmate.com for Invasion of Privacy


Does Meagan have a case here, or does your face become public domain after you become a meme?

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Eight Utterly Frustrating Video Games That You Could Never Beat


Battletoads is the antichrist of games. It is the Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate of games. If anyone ever told you they beat it alone without the use of a Game Genie, THEY LIED TO YOUR FACE.

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25 Honest Thoughts a Guy Had on Tinder


23. Take the sun glasses and ski mask off. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.

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The Taco Bell Waffle Taco And Five More Fast Food Innovations That Nobody Asked For


Stuff it down your rotten throats, you disgusting waste of space. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and what else are you going to eat in the morning, oatmeal? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oatmeal! Right!

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