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Who Will Go #1 In The 2034 NFL Draft?

black african american baby with cool facial expression

Folks, we’re all currently steeped deep within the burly, possibly HGH raging heart of the NFL draft, a glorious time of year when we watch college kids walk on to a stage to put on a hat that will no longer fit them once they become stars and the...

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Silver Screen Scoop: Grandpa Edition


My typing hand cramped up on me this week as a result of extensive and exhaustive corn shucking, so I had to get my grandfather Howard to put together the silver screen scoop for the week. Having never heard of any of these movies owing to not ha...

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The GIF Hole


One time I met a GIF on a lonely road at night and gave it a ride. We talked about our family and friends and work and whatever and eventually we came to an old farm house where I dropped the GIF off. The next day I saw the GIF had left its wat...

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Get Your Cell Phones The Hell Out of the Movie Theater


CinemaCon is a meeting held in Las Vegas where movie theater owners and movie industry types come together to talk about various aspects of the business of movies, from the latest technologies to the new and stupidly expensive junk food companies ...

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Go on a Date


Setting: A busy, hip, urban restaurant. Waitresses dress like they are at the club, there is a wine list and a bottled water list. All food is served in dishes devoid of right angles. You can be Kobe beef sliders because they are whimsical. T...

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G-Spot Found In Dead Old Lady!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have the dishonor of being the one that has to report to you that a man thinks he’s found the G-Spot, the controversial pleasure button that may or may not exist in female genitals, depending on your source, within the vagi...

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What Your Underwear Says About You

boxer briefs

Man’s underwear is far more complex than it has any right to be. Our ancestors simply wrapped themselves in birch bark and were happy to wear that if they wore anything at all. Nowadays you have frills and vinyl and leopard patterned tiny ...

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Six Teenagers Got Drunk Off Of Hand Sanitizer? Then All Of Ten Are Doing The Same Thing!

Hand Sanitizer_Drinking

Remember the freak out over teens soaking tampons in vodka to get drunk? Or how about the freak out over teens supposedly doing rectal beer bongs? It seems there’s an endless array of activities a handful of teens can perform to get drunk that adu...

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How to Become a Beloved Boy Wizard


So you’ve decided to take up the life of a fictional, impish boy wizard of some renown, good for you! It’s no small task to take up the slack that Harry Potter left behind when JK Rowling decided her mountain of money had grown just high enough s...

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The Old People Mad Men Characters Will Eventually Become

Don Draper

The much lauded AMC series Mad Men features a number of fascinating and troubled characters that existed in a time of great civic and cultural change — America in the 1960s. It was a time when the old guard was challenged by a rapidly and su...

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