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Facebook’s Eerie Parrot Subculture


This article will make no sense. I will not explain to you how I happened upon the information I’m about to share because it is not relevant. All you need to know is that it is true and verifiable and ridiculous. Facebook is full of parrots.

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Ground Zero in the Mists of Pandaria


Last night at midnight Blizzard launched its 4th expansion for the World of Warcraft. I was in line at an EBGames at midnight for the launch of Burning Crusade back in the day. For Wrath of the Lich King I waited about a week. Waited a week aga...

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The Inner Monologue of a Public School Bus Driver


Drive. Just drive.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen: September 21st


Last week no one went to see any movies except for The Master. That’s cool, I figured it’d do OK because I have amazing skills of prognostication. This week things are opening up more and it’ll be a close call, man. Just you wait!

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10 New Sex Positions for a New You


Have you been paying attention to the calendar? December 21st is fast approaching and, if people who breathe through their mouths when they think are to be believed, that’s the last day of existence. No shit. The Mayans, a race of people who re...

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Killing Me Softly with Grease: Fair Food

Gator BBQ-0549

Every year I attend my local county fair and attempt to punish my insides for their blatant cowardice and insistence on hiding away inside me like fearful babies. Well insides, you’ve never won the battle yet and this year was no different.

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21 Worse Things Ever

Even Worse: Cannibalism

4 months ago, Buzzfeed posted a list of the 21 worst things ever. I agree that many things on that list are a pain but I may have stumbled on 21 even worse things. So, with credit to Buzzfeed for the article which I am now completely copying and...

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What to Expect from the New World of Warcraft Expansion


World of Warcraft, the illegitimate father of modern gaming, is about to expand its universe like trousers making room for a half chub.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen: September 14th


Oh man, I don’t know what happened but what an awesome week for movies. I usually have to toss in at least one movie I know no one is going to see to pad these columns out but this week I had to cut stuff because there’s so much awesomeness openi...

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An Open Letter to the Non Toilet Trained


Hey there, dribble guts, how goes it? That’s rhetorical, I’m well aware of your problems, at least a few of them. And that’s kind of why we need to talk.

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