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8 Celebrities We Liked Better When They Were Fat


We loved the fact that there used to be overweight famous people out in the world, and we beg them all to join us back in the land of the normal and pudgy.

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7 Black Actors Who Are Not Samuel L. Jackson


Trust me, this knowledge could save your life one day.

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Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum Swallows Up Eight Vintage Cars [VIDEOS/PHOTOS]


Yesterday morning in Bowling Green, Kentucky, our vengeful Earth God opened up the land to reclaim eight valuable automobiles from human possession.

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10 Hilarious Vladimir Putin Reaction GIFs for All Occasions


The 2014 Winter Olympics have rekindled our fascination with Russia’s badass/terrifying president, Vladimir Putin.

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Guess Which of These 7 Toy Based Films are Real


The Lego Movie is surprisingly awesome and that bodes poorly for all of us as movie lovers. When one movie does well, Hollywood will spend the next 5 years trying to reproduce it as crappily as it possibly can which is why Vampire Academy also ca...

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10 Better Titles for Farrah Abraham’s Newest Sex Tape


The brand-new video is called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. Kind of lazy, if you ask us.

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7 Reasons Why the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Are a Total Disaster


At this point, Sochi’s primary export is bad publicity. Here’s everything that’s gone wrong so far.

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Update: DMX to Fight George Zimmerman in Celebrity Boxing Match; Rapper Vows to Urinate ‘Right in His Muthaf*ckin’ Face’


“I am going to beat the living f**k out of him. I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

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Five Incredible Philip Seymour Hoffman Videos That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before


Deleted scenes, hilarious outtakes, and more rare footage from one of the greatest character actors of all time. RIP, good sir.

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5 Potential Opponents for George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match


Behold: The most punchable face in the universe.

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