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The Walking Carl: Chapter 3


Found a house full of zombies up the street this morning. Mostly they ignored me because I’m not essential to the plot unless everyone knows I’m missing, which they didn’t at the time. It’s kind of nice, actually, unless they notice I’m gone in ...

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Game Of Thrones Makes Me Want To Watch A Child Die


My biggest gripe of the show and the books so far is that Joffrey isn’t dead yet.

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One Direction: A Video Breakdown


One Direction are a British band that were forged in the fires of Simon Cowell’s supple man bosom. They’ve been around for a while but are blowing up in America now and were just recently on SNL. To celebrate that, I forced myself to watch their v...

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A Letter To The Commercial For The Movie “Lockout”


Dear Lockout, You look like a silly-ass movie. As such, I will probably watch you three times and love it. But, please, stop pretending that you aren’t a silly-ass movie. You are a movie about a prison break in space that has shitty, generic rock ...

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6 of the Whitest Songs Ever


Music is often a very emotional, soulful experience for people. It’s hard to listen to some Beethoven without feeling a little bit moved, or to listen to Nickelback without feeling a little bit queasy. And then there are songs that were made del...

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Place Bets On Which Companies Facebook Will Buy Next


If you’re a compulsive gambler and are also very tuned in to what’s happening on the business side the tech industry, PaddyPower.com will either make you extremely rich or so poor you’ll have to — GASP! –use far cheaper non-Apple produ...

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Win a Date with Holy Taco


Hey there, sweetness, you’re lookin’ mighty fine. Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there. I was talking to myself. Yes kids, Holy Taco is presenting to you an unprecedented opportunity – a date with this website. Never dated a website before? No wor...

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Hate Filing Taxes? Die In A Car Crash. Everyone Else Is Doing It.


Tax Day is a miserable experience if you’re one of them millions of Americas that file at the last minute. You’re scrambling out of your home with a shoebox filled with Burger King receipts that you’re hoping can be deducted as a work expense, bar...

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The GIF Hole


Man, look at these GIFs, all giffy and whatnot. Yeah. GIF!

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How to Make a Summer Blockbuster


So, you’ve decided to entertain people with soulless vacuousness, good for you! The summer blockbuster is an art form unto itself, forged in the white hot jism of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer on the peaks of Mt. ‘Splosion! Is it as easy as ...

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